Friends United at Flame N Grill

After 11 long Years !!!
I have ended this Year’s Gandhi Jayanti with a get together with my high school buddies. I thought it was also a great idea to start the Matri Pakkha with a get together with my college buddies hahaha It’s not often that we get around to just having dinner and drinks and enjoy each other’s company because, let’s face it, work gets in the way and we all lead busy lives. But when a friend or two comes home for the holidays, you really do need to make a point to have a reunion for old times’ sake.

There was a lot of reminiscing from college days about classmates, professors, crushes, embarrassing moments and catching up with what we’ve basically been doing after college 🙂 We had reserved our seats with a prior booking to avoid Sunday Rush in this festive season.

Prior the buffet dinner started we had ordered Mojito which was resulted in a perfect start of the evening by adding perfect quotient of refreshment in our soul and body.

Flame n Grill restarted their operation after a renovation hit the Festive season which is knocking at the Door.

Consumed lots of Kababs (chicken, Mutton, fish, paneer, mushrooms). It was a voluptuous journey of food and culinary accommodated with Crispy Baby Corn, Amritsari Prawn. We repeated one more round of Mojito which was keeping our souls really fresh and injecting fresh bloods in the middle of Flame n Grill trademark Buffet.

After an hour and half we came to realised that we had not even went to Main Courses …But horses for courses are always there ..

Ordered Sigree Punch special mocktail which was able to meet our dry day thirst not by tastes but by looks upto a point.

Entered Main Courses …
Hardly enough space left behind …
But …
The endless hunger and love for food could not stop us to stay back …
Chicken Biriyani and Mutton took place in the right side if the dish …
The lucrative and eye candy deserts still waiting on que to draw the end line to the explosive dinner buffet..

Really forgot the names of the most but taste buds are still asking for one more time ..

In a package it was a great journey which was ended by a complimentary cold drinks served on request , fulfilled by Sukanta (staff ) and approved by his manager.

Thanks buddys to make it happened.
Great Way to start the Journey ..
Many many thanks to all of you tagged n untagged to make it memorable enough by adding flair in flame n Grill.

It’s too bad that some of our classmates weren’t able to make it because of prior engagements but I’m hoping that there’ll be more get-togethers in the coming months n years .



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