Charismatic X Mas and New Year on the Card @ Aura – The Sonnet

If you want to have a break from cooking this Christmas, why not take the family out instead? There’s a whole range of menu open on Christmas day offering everything from traditional to gourmet dishes to take more fun and adventurous out of Christmas lunch.

15590182_708817952618379_1361338727134066873_nAll you have to do is rock up, sit back and relax with the family. The Sonnet Kolkata are ready to welcome you with their special Anglo Indian Cuisine in this X Mas Eve (24th and 25th December)
Reasons to Rejoice at The Sonnet :
Chicken Cutlet : A thin slice of Meat coated with crumbs 15589805_708817685951739_8800691786486270921_n

Egg in the Nest : boiled Egg coated with spice & mashed potato 15621922_708817619285079_8125548202051969400_n

Mulligatawny Soup : English soup made of Lentil and Rice
Live Christmas Duck Roast : Juicy Preparations with sweetness of Orange sauce added on Roasted Duck. Just have it to enjoy the Ride. 15542146_708817755951732_2494405548528857741_n
Mutton Vindaloo : Tickling Tongue. Traditional Pork is out. Madly Mutton in.
Hurry Burry Chicken Curry : A colonial chicken curry with simple delicacy 15621920_708817709285070_579514974650239146_n
Jhalfarezi : Smacking one ! Mixture of meat, fish and veggies. Fried in oil with perfect mixing of spices. 15622418_708817439285097_5499744411816699957_n
Casserole : Fresh Veggies Stew 15622735_708817502618424_5296737030458656692_n
Vegan Dal Fry : One of fav dishes of India 15622700_708817442618430_2772749620438955666_n
Coconut Rice : The best has arrived with this Rice soaked in coconut milk and cooked with coconut flakes.15672611_708817525951755_2925074612757698929_n
Marzipan : confectionery made out of Almond n Cashew Nut paste with Honey !15622448_708817692618405_4668561137878125695_n

A perfect ending of the story. 15622642_708817975951710_2230565875933954139_n


No it’s not over ..
New year is still on the cards .
Restore your energy and time to explore XPLONITE.
On 31st Eve The Sonnet is getting ready with the bash of lifetime with DJ Mansoor, Dancer Rupali. With host Jockey Arsalan it’s time to groove.
You can be part of this Saga with a wide spread buffet consisting of Live Oriental Counter.
Rice, Noodles, Grills, Stir Fries, Teriyaki’s, Schezwan, Mongolian and Cantonese.
Followed by unlimited Liquid Buffet.
Highlights of the menu would be certainly –
Live Roasted Koyel : already have created waves all over. This delicious dish would be perfect foil for the party night. 15622235_708817575951750_3010221035471937617_n
Live Chicken n Paneer Shawarma : A levantine preparation. No one can eat just one. A Quick pick . 15589589_708817535951754_9089389713864758079_n
Oriental Grill – Chicken n Fish : Grilled in spices and sauces and heading towards your dish. Just have it.
Mutton Dakbunglow : This delightful dish from the Khansama family would definitely create a space in your heart to regain the delicacy of forgotten culinary treasure. 15665803_708817645951743_1156042965599843390_n
Live Assorted Jalebi : End it in Desi Style. The Jalebi joy. Apple, Pineapple n Kesariya. All is yours. 15589630_708817819285059_3871201176399793365_n

Aura – The Sonnet would definitely take you to the Joy Ride.
So tighten your seat belt.
Christmas and New Year – Enjoy THE GOOD FOOD RIDE.
Rajdeep Bhattacharjee thanks for the call.
Rajib Roy Choudhury thanks for the awesome hospitality
Subir Sarkar thanks for the amazing food ride

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