Porkloaded Special Winter Menu launch @ Tak Heng

First of all, Thank you Paanchphoron to providing me the opportunity to visit this beautiful place !!
Invited there to experience the Pork Loaded awesome Winter Menu. It was almost dinner time.
15780632_712880975545410_6559297455872809819_n15726658_712881025545405_4288207774393961942_nSituated in Keyatala Road, Gariahat just in a walking distance from the main road.
The dinner menu for the day was fully loaded with Mouthwatering pork dishes.
Let’s come to the menu now. Being a very much hardcore pork loving HYANGLA I was really excited after noticing the Porkloaded Special Winter Menu.. Top to Bottom pork all over.
Thanks to the Management to serve us with Welcome drinks.
But after that it’s all old school Chinese started with HOT POT SOUP – a sea food based soup, where in actual cases almost all the ingredients use to serve raw. But they served the seafood based ingredients half boiled which we needed to put into the pot of boiled soup full of veggies. Awesome Presentation and formation of the whole package.

After soup it was time for Singapore Style Char Siu Fan. A full meal by itself. it’s a very popular street food of Singapore.
Steamed Rice, Roasted Pork topped with an one side up fried egg. A 3 layered presentation. Each one was complimenting the other. Looking Fabulous. 15747655_712881275545380_4518548606605854637_n
Then it was time to taste some barbeque and enjoyed the journey we had started ! BBQ Spare Ribs. It’s Pork Ribs to bite and started tickling your stomach. it was really can’t resist item and I was HYANGLA enough to take a portion in my own dish before completing the previous. Marinated the pork with Chinese Barbeque Sauces and almost kept it almost 24 hours before cooked it in grill. All the effort made behind the screen were very much translated into the dish served for us. The Beautifully cooked pork really a blissful experience.15740788_712881465545361_6935002847983323784_n15822887_712881425545365_2957709311368712073_n

Next it was time for their signature dish Roast Chilli Pork. Slow cooked Yorkshire Pork. 15747615_712881478878693_81023906119058598_nMissing Red Wine very much. Can’t help though. Waiting for the day when they start that service too. We were almost half way of our dinner.

Sausages took the limelight. Yeah, you heard it right. Lapchung – the name of the beauty. Sausages made with Pork infused with Rum or Country Liquor. A totally seasonal dish. The sausages marinated with rum use to keep hung for a long period in dry cold room with lots of ventilation for drying out and provide it a sweet flavour which provides the twist in the tail of the dish. Fried Pork Sausages mixed into Egg Rice was quiet an experience. Relished the dish. 15747420_712881885545319_4951735364168083629_n15781333_712881928878648_435493898511104444_n
Quiet a porky punch in a winter night with new year knocking on the door and good friends were making the dinner a time to rejoice.
But picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost.
Huamei Pork, a dish imported to Kolkata by Sea fairing chinese community. A side dish can be served with rice or noodles. Dried shrimps and grinded to make paste which use to marinate the pork. The ingredients behind the box are quiet alarming and the end result was so yummy.

15726389_712882165545291_7970629782867983820_nTime was really ticking but our hunger for exploring was never ending. Time to enjoy Pork Hamchoy. Pork cooked with rice wine and Hamchoy pickle. It was almost the end of the night. Due to request form our Gal of the gang for that day we had been served with roasted chilli chicken though it was not part of the winter menu. Being a non lover of pork she asked for it. But ultimately all of us enjoyed the dish. Thanks once again to the Management to served us Cold drinks cans to complete the loaded dinner.

Special thanks to:

Management of Tak Heng,  – For hosting us so nicely and extending the warm hospitality  and his team for service us amazing Dishes.

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide) – For invitng us

○ I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

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