Mesmerizing Mocha

Mocha provides a luxurious experience from its awesome ambiance and quick quality service. Famous for its hookah parlour, it surely has a serene atmosphere. The music played is as soothing as the ambiance and one can just come and enjoy a quite time with their loved ones here. 15977559_724580221042152_7108292164233501217_n15977921_724580147708826_4843921236176520884_n16114095_724580264375481_5976271193017958248_n16142399_724580097708831_7294994567602481338_n16142834_724580194375488_1217692475798833235_nThat doesn’t mean this place is not for people who want to have fun. You can have different flavoured hookah and enjoy it with your friends. It is indeed a nice place and I actually experienced more than what I had expected.
The smoothies belong to THE GREAT SHAKES category were really great.
The Temperature of Brain Freezer
The Adventures of the Rocky Road
The Richness of Ferrero Rocher

The Sweetness of Strawberry Cheesecake were a perfect start at the opening slot for the day to go ahead with flow and aroma in Mocha.

After the successful innings of Shakes, it was time to deliver for the middle orders.
Siraja Tomato & Cheese Bruschettas was quite an enthralling Experience 16113993_724579741042200_2661017514347416052_nalong with Hash Brown Alu Tikki. 


Nevertheless Wok tossed Burnt Chilli Garlic Fish was the Showstopper in the Middle of the innings.15977790_724579811042193_638947886748929388_n
One of the Best Appetizers I had in recent times. So yummy and Juicy ! Ummmmmm.

Now it was time for the main dishes to provide the innings a solid winning composition so that no one take away the victory. They were all really cool at their tasks in their respective positions.

Started with italian Pasta Risotto and following by Three dhamakedar North Indian Delicacies.
Pasta Risotto has had everything as it should be. Creamy , cheesy , perfect thickness with right pinch of spices. 16174517_724579977708843_2093863843608531560_n
Dal Makhani with Rice was quite brilliant.

Chicken Tikka Makhani with Crunchy Laccha Paratha was perfect foil to steam up your hunger engine.  16002745_724579944375513_6841295522843010468_n
Just before the tail Aachari Biriyani just played the CAPTAIN’S knock with innovative show! Served with Paratha, Burani Raita & Salan. 16114365_724580017708839_4839989696152976579_n16142641_724580007708840_4380314695637837971_n

At end of the innings Mocha Fudge Cake served with a big scoop of Vanilla Icecream with a Red Strawberry on the top was perfect shot to end the day on a Happy Note.
15977560_724580071042167_8343676366299550913_nAn amazing journey at Mocha.
An incredible day at office.

Thanks Rajdeep Bhattacharjee for the invitation
Thanks Shashank Arora for amazing Hospitality
Thanks Chef Susanta for pricing us opportunity to experience the amazing Good Food Journey


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  1. priyanka kundu says:

    it’s realy realy nice


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