Punch of Protein @ Protein Bistro

The Protein Bistro is a health food restaurant founded in 2016 with the goal of offering people a nutritious alternative to fast food restaurants. It is located near Vivekananda Park.The Protein Bistro has a vast array of healthy meal options with presence of Vegetables and Protein. It’s a small joint located cozy corner of street. Providing a cover of around 20 seats.

Very much neatly organized as the kitchen is just a feet away from dine in area. They also having few outdoor seating arrangements. The Menu Card was interesting and provided a tag of “Form Them”. The interior wall was full of write ups based on Nutrition and basically Protein.

We have been served with Almond Vanilla Protein Shake in the very begining. Served into a huge glass with Muscle shape handle.

It would be easily contain 750 ml + pure healthy drinks. The drink was superb & refreshing. Made with skimmed milk and richness of grind almonds. A very nice start to the healthy Protein Ride.

It was time for the salad. Corn Potato Salad served with boiled eggs.A pretty salad with added some spices/fresh herbs. Bright colors. 16174561_725556360944538_8729961249840121317_nA good line up for the meal to arrive.

Petits Farcis (Provencal Stuffed Zucchini) was next item on the menu. These stuffed vegetables are typical fare from Provençe – the region that hugs the Mediterranean coastline in the South of France. 16143306_725556404277867_8225096295021864620_n.jpgVegetables, olives and olive oil are used in abundance in Provençe, and this recipe really captures the sun and fragrance of this much-loved area! It was an excellent light dish perfect for dinner.

It was time to move forward and have some non veg protein meal. Norwegian Salmon with Sweet Potato mash. 16142961_725556540944520_7511657932158317832_nThis classic winter comfort dish is topped with a nutritious sweet potato mash that is sure to go down well with your family. Cool presentation and healthy ingredients.

Let’s go back to Lebanon. Chicken Sish Tawook. 16114716_725556677611173_436928069039895851_nThe name points to its Turkish origins (Tavuk şiş) however it is quite a common chicken bbq dish in virtually every Middle Eastern country, it is one of the tastiest chicken kabbab around served with grilled veggies.Served with three dips. Salsa and two others.

Going through an organised meal in the evening, it was time for shut down the system with an Mouthwatering deserts. 16114247_725556794277828_4938904801263649337_n
Yakut Protein Splash. Desert version of Yakut Products. Sweetened with blueberry and contained chopped oranges, pineapple, apples, bananas and sweet lime. Flavoured with honey and cinnamon and cloudy ornamental decoration on top with a ming leaf. A diet dessert.

Here is your chance to dive in endless healthy dishes and loose the stubborn fat by eating out Protein Dishes.

Thanks Rajdeep Bhattacharjee for the call.
Thanks The Protein Bistro Management for invitation.
Thanks Debasmita Banerjee for the hospitality.
Thanks Chef Soumalya Banerjee for making us healthier.


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