Follow your astrological food guide at XII Zodiac


According to many astrologers, every zodiac sign has certain eating habits, its own specific way of preparing food and different preferences towards a certain type of food. While many people prefer traditional dishes, some love to experiment with new and exotic cuisine, while others will eat almost anything because they are not picky. Next time you’re deciding what to put on the dinner table, turn to astrological food guide for personalized recipes based on your sign at XII Zodiac near CC2 , Saltlake.

XII ZODIAC – The restaurant’s theme is on the zodiac signs as suggested by the name. They change the menu every zodiac month i.e. on the 21st or the 22nd of every month. The food is extremely well presented. It is more a feast to the eyes than the tongue. Their drama like presentation makes you await the next course. Contrary to common belief there is no problem for vegetarians and food is more than enough to fill your stomach although the portions are small.


Soothing music in the background of the restaurant completes the whole setting. Perfect for a romantic evening or when you want to play host to a formal dinner with business associates/family. It’s a Classic!



Now let’s come to the Menu in detail to tantalize your taste buds. It would take you to an exciting journey along the Asia’s oldest highway from all the prominent cities it passes starting from Afghanistan, Kabul, Punjab and many more.


Paya Shorba –

16298734_726892877477553_6024792942924212833_nA flavourful clear soup made with Goat trotters. This Indian soup is perfect to have if you want quick recovery from a common cold. Goat trotters are cooked along with delicious aromatics for a couple of hours till all the flavours are infused in the broth and you have a flavourful delicious soup to enjoy.

Banarsi Dal Pakora –

16195822_726892697477571_3213017442538999621_nBlend of malka masoor, Chana and arhar tempered with ginger and spices. These crispy fried fritters are one of the favorite Indian snacks.

Dilli wali Aloo Tikki –

16142319_1359243014134329_5760150671262208031_n16143362_726892820810892_4386968220088903668_nA mildly spicy deep-fried potato patty topped with whipped curd and chutney. Sounds like one edible description, doesn’t it? This dish is a popular North Indian street food, which you absolutely must binge on when roaming the streets of Delhi. Treat yourself to a freshly prepared gorgeous and piping hot aloo tikki at XII Zodiac.

Tunde Kabab –

16174950_726892974144210_6657420820098709301_nThis a dish made out of minced meat which is popular in Lucknow. Part of an Awadhi cuisine. It is said to incorporate 160 spices. A century old delicacy .Among all mouth-watering dishes introduced by the Mughal Empire, Galavati Kababi or Tunde Kabab as is it more commonly known, is by far the best. Here we had a very delightful experience of nicely minced and marinated kababs with just right amount of spices. Portions are of appropriate size and not too heavy that way you do not feel bloated after having a piece.

Peshawari Murgh Tikka –

16143198_726892874144220_5651798832113007734_nBarbecuing the meat perfectly , cooking it perfectly while retaining the moisture and juiciness intact. Peshawari Chicken Tikka is a great hit.

Gilafi Seekh Kebab –

16142550_726892947477546_2475907545190826625_nGilaf means a cover and the uniquely names Chupa rustom is a chicken seekh, covered with a minced lamb coating. The Lamb coating is studded with finely chopped tomato, coriander, mint and onion and was flavoured just right. I loved the combination of chicken with lamb and the surprise factor was pleasing with awesome presentation.

Gosht Biryani –

16142545_726893057477535_6202149731521458220_n16174516_726893027477538_5645104837922777152_nGosht Dum Biryani is a popular Mughlai recipe. This main dish recipe is made using minced lamb and rice. Don’t miss out this rich in flavor biryani. Raw meat slow-cooked with the rice have produced a succulent, fragrant, layered delight.

Murg Bharta –

16114340_726893164144191_8965221431927567071_nA slight different from regular bharta we have in Punjabi Dhaba or North Indian restaurants. Much more thick gravy which was hardly could be differentiated from chicken pieces. A spicy minced chicken dish served with Naans.

Phirni –

16195088_726893244144183_279397886560777264_nA delicious Punjabi style Milk and Rice based creamy desert. It had a thick creamy texture yet so soft served in clay containers. The saffron and cardamom powder was enhauncing its rich flavour and aroma. Garnishing of Sliced Pistachio and whole roasted Kaju was giving this chilled dessert a real tempting look.

Beetroot Halwa –

16142443_726893300810844_3515521110464578158_nIts rich red color was definitely very refreshing with garnishing of Sliced Pistachio and almond along with Kiwi fruit in top. Nevertheless a delicious Indian dessert.


16265336_726893537477487_6673273193249285654_nThe pride and joy of Punjabi cuisine – the mighty lassi, is probably one of the most loved beverages during the sweltering Indian summer. The Lassi here was so smooth and creamy, served in traditional earthen pots called matkas topped with optional sliced almonds or cardamom. It had miraculous powers that can cool you instantly.

You can be a part of this classic podium with their GRAND TRUNK FOOD FESTIVAL from KABUL TO KOLKATA starting from 26th Jan and enjoy the marvelous food ride with ultimate luxury , style and service.

Thanks to Mridul Das who provided us add on Gulab Jamun, Chamcham and Ice Cream (Not in Menu) to provide us a Totalllllllll satisfactory ending !!


Special thanks to:

○ Mridul Das – Restaurant Manager ,  The Fern Residency  –  For hosting us so nicely and extending the warm hospitality.

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide) – For inviting us 

I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron


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