Head over to Charismatic Creperie

Calling all red-blooded men and women looking for Valentine’s Day ideas. Whether you plan to woo your beloved with sexy gifts or if you are looking for casual date ideas instead, You have to do it before its too late. With only a few hours for Valentine’s Day, you must have started planning as to where you would take your date, what would you gift him/her and whether your Valentine will be impressed by all of it.

img_20170208_172250Going on a nice date on Valentine’s is very important- you need to select the perfect place serving the most sumptuous food with some special delights and having the perfect ambience for your date. Afraa Creperie is ready to provide you a lovely setting and the green view out of the bay windows which is simply worth for you two !! Head over to this creperie.

img_20170208_171924The interiors are funky and interesting. You would love the lawn outside and their comfy chairs, Retro music and quirky posters! Perfect setup to woo your partners ! The layout is charming, sophisticated and offers comfort.

The food is amazingly Good !!

16602629_1376979559027341_7630491581319546953_nChar grilled prawn , melon Greek barbecue potato wadges & spicy chocolate salsa – the perfect appetizer served with spicy chocolate salsa.

16602823_1376979285694035_199860597999733916_nPapillote of Asian vegetable, whole wheat ravioli in court bouillon, spiced grilled bananas – This particular dish has fantastic spicy, tangy flavor with barely a whisper of fat.

16648995_1376979112360719_6106256408180551679_nChar grilled lamb shanks, pomegranate basil sauce , garlic-green chilli crushed potato & balsamic fig. – A dry BBQ rub preps the lamb for the grillLamb shank gets various treatment; it’s grilled, braised and pulled for a tender stew that packs a flavorful punch.

16730236_1376979485694015_5280380425631811921_nPizza with flaky almond rose petal pesto fried garlic jalapeno strawberries & mozzarella – Strawberries on a pizza might seem a little funny at first. Strawberries get all juicy and roasty . Combination with golden mozzarella and cheese that melts into oblivion on a whole wheat crust and you just might find a new favorite. Topped with fresh basil and a drizzle of balsamic reduction —this pizza is a revelation.
16708454_1376979282360702_812130296084983792_nBaked lime cheesecake chocolate coated strawberries and fresh basil –  It was perfectly cooked consistently from the outermost edges to the very center. No cracking, no browning, no rising & falling. It was truly perfect in every sense! The flavor was also wonderful

And Complimentary Pastries
Go and have a memorable time with your partner. Pocket pinch ? its just around 2000 for 2 !

** Note : Thanks Rajdeep Bhattacharjee(Gourmets Travel Guide)for the invitation .
I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

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