Rose Chocolate Momo with Love from WOW ! Momo !

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Please. Chocolate is the way to a lady’s heart, and certainly it can be even better when wrapped up with roses.
It’s a Wonderful Time to Be a couple ! Valentine’s Week ! Love is in the Air ! And Rose Chocolate Momo in the Plate ! And its only cost you 99 !

img_20170212_135544Rose Chocolate Momo is perfect with vibrant colours of Red and Green in the décor. You can go and enjoy with your date at Wow! Momo with sensational Rose Chocolate Momo. Tasp berry red with Vermilion accreline used for rose petals to provide it a perfect shape of Rose !! It really can be a colletion.
The staffing inside ? Chocolate Brownie, Choco Fudge…ummmm ! Just yummy !! Rose with choclate inside. What a combination !
Dont forget about the leaves !! Crushed spinach mixed with flour and icing sugar on the top of it.

The newly launched Rose momos filled with chocolates will be available at all Wow! Momo outlets from 10th to 19th February.
Go ahead ! These Valentine’s Day Momos for you two are worthy of the romantic occasion. Have a nice day !


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    I love this post happy ❤️ day

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  2. grevisangel73 says:

    Those look so good, and they are beautiful.


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