Write your name in Golden Letter at Golden Tulip

This restaurant is located on 3rd floor of Hotel Golden Tulip which is a 4 star property. The food was great and the service received was excellent! the staffs were gentle and i loved the ambiance. The guests are discreetly furnished by the hotel authority. Have a very good access to all facilities like Shopping Mall, Multiplex and New Town.
Golden Tulip gives you a beautiful opportunity of surprising your spouse an exquisite Valentines experience @Noir Lounge. Whisk that special someone away and experience one of Kolkata’s most romantic hotels.
Veg Menu –
img_8119Crack Tiny Potato with Spinach

img_8038Pepper fried American Corn

img_8094Exotic Veg in Cashew Nut

Cottage Cheese in choice of sauce (Hot Garlic / Coriander / Szechuan)

Noodles ( Szechuan / Chilli Garlic / Hakka)
Fried Rice (Vegetable / Burnt Garlic/Szechuan)
Darshan with Vanilla Ice Cream

Non Veg Menu –
img_8137Crunchy Honey Chicken
img_8022Tamarind Fish
img_8064Sliced Chicken in Corriander Sauce

Lamb in Hot Garlic Sauce
Noodles (Szechuan / Chilli Garlic / Hakka)
Fried Rice (Burnt Garlic/Szechuan)
Darshan with Vanilla Ice Cream
Valentine ‘s Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your Love with your affection and to give her unforgettable experience and a romantic evening in your restaurant. They have come up with both Veg and Non Veg package, which is only available on 14th with a Happy Pocket Pinch of @1200 and @1500.

** Note : Thanks Rajdeep Bhattacharjee(Gourmets Travel Guide)for the invitation .
I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

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