In this E Kitchen, Everything is seasoned with love..

I was being too lazy to write down this post and publish it. Then one fine evening when I was feeling too tired after the whole day work, someone pushed me from inside to put it down on paper. Sometimes there are so many words in your mind but still it’s so difficult to put them together and form a sensible sentence!

Urban feast is a young, passionate food processing & food tech company which focuses on the daily food problem of people living an Urbanized Lifestyle, thereby delivering diversified solutions for them in various modes of business. Founded by a young professional team headed by Mr. Sayantan Jana and backed with several years of experience from highly enriched professionals of the food & beverage industry.

Urban feast currently serving its customers with its two diversified brands namely
Urban feast: e-Kitchen & Urban feast WrapEx.

Nice downtown, slightly hidden location. Its actually located inside Hidco Bhavan Canteen complex. This cafeteria has a wide ranging menu and which can cater to a wide range of preferences considering the factor that there are many Indians who have come from different locations of India due to professional engagement. Variety would not certainly dictating their choice of food. The ambiance is ok and service is efficient without being overbearing and the kitchen and surroundings is clean and hygienic. Location is perfect being just off the Eco Space and there is adequate parking.

Open space, greeted warmly seated quickly. Prompt and friendly service. Lots of good options on the appetizers list. The dishes are delicious, texture of the ingredients was on point. The meat was sublime. Some of the best food I have ever eaten.

The Dishes We Had :


PAN FRIED CHILLI FISH – Batter fried fish tossed with red chilli sauce. Here’s a dish that’s perfect for a starter. Fresh, light and flavorful,  the spicy tangy flavour complements the fish beautifully.  Just love the surface! And the fish looks delicious. The picture is good, but the dish itself is even more incredible


Mix Hakka Noodles – Noodles tossed with Egg, Chicken & Prawn. Almost every one has a slight weakness over Chinese food. I am not any difference. Hakka noodles are something that can make even full grown adults feel like kids. Taste and flavour of this Noodles is totally unique. The dish has lots of vegetables, chicken, Prawn and also egg.


VEG FRIED RICE – Rice tossed with sautéed vegetables. Fried Rice is one of the most popular fried dishes in the world. This Veg Fried Rice includes lots of Vegetables and sauces giving it a unique tempting flavour and colour. The perfect long rice and rice is so aromatic you will love it so much..


THREE TREAT VEGETABLES – Vegetables  tossed with garlic  pepper sauce. Broccoli, baby corn and mushroom is a flavourful combination of fresh veggies and lemon grass. It is interesting to note that lemon grass, which is generally used as a garnish or flavouring agent, is used as a key ingredient in generous quantities in this recipe. The vibrant colours are retained to a large extent, making this dish a visual treat too.


KUNG PAO CHICKEN – Batter chicken tossed with less spicy red sauce & kaju nut. The classic dish in Sichuan cuisine is a spicy stir-fry dish made with chicken, peanuts (Kaju here) , vegetables, and chili peppers.  Spicy, sweet and incredibly delicious chicken. Made with a savory less spicy sauce here to keep it lighter.


CHINESE STIR FRY MUSHROOMS with Broccoli – Saute vegetables tossed with star anise & Worcestershire sauce. We all know the pleasures of good stir-fried dishes . There’s an ineffable taste about this dish that says “Chinese,” and there are remarkable textures throughout. Good food with lovely light feeling !



BASANTI PULAO – Traditional Bengali yellow sweet pulao. Basanti, literally means a shade of yellow, it is the color of spring. The basanti pulao is slightly sweet in taste because of the use of sugar in it and so it goes well with very hot and spicy curries. This is my favourite type of Pulao.


KASHMIRI PULAO – Traditional Kasmiri  sweet pulao with dry fruits. Kashmiri Pulao has an unforgettable sweet taste, is aromatic,mild, colorful and this is what differentiates it from other pulaos and biriyanis.  I was awed by their presentation and taste that urged me to try it. Though I am not a great fan of kashmiri pulao , I loved it.


CHICKEN TIKKA LABABDAR – Tandoori chicken Tikka tossed with Indian red gravy. With an emphasis on refined yet creative Indian cuisine, the dish incorporates both traditional classic flavours. It offers you a lusciously juicy sauce at the same time.


MUTTON ROGAN JOSH – Mutton rogan josh is a robust spicy aromatic lamb curry of Persian origin which is an integral part of Kashmiri cuisine. Well what an outstanding dish never eaten anything with so much flavour it’s like an explosive of taste in your mouth ! It is scrumptious delicacy from the Kashmiri cuisine distinguished by its thick, aromatic, flavourful red sauce and tender meat.


KADAI CHICKEN  – Chicken is cooked in a red gravy with whole spices . It’s a popular north Indian dish that’s made with a few freshly ground whole spices and is known for it’s incredible flavor. This dish was more of a drier curry where the spices really cling onto the chicken and I loved it. Use of fresh chicken resulted into best of flavors.


LACHHA PARATHA – Lachha Paratha is a popular paratha recipe made from Whole wheat flour. A multilayered shallow fried North Indian flat bread is an epitome of cooking art which tells us how we can make a finest preparation out of nothing. These flaky Parathas were perfect  in its own dimension. Once I started eating this paratha it melt in my mouth and felt that the layers are coming off one by another.

Well what can I say, the food and service exceeded all my expectations. 

Special thanks to:

○ Milli Norman , Public Relations Officer, Urban Feast – For hosting us so nicely and extending the warm hospitality.

○ Team of E Kitchen – It includes Chefs and Staffs who served us patiently and help us with the overall experience.

I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

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