Awadhi aromas come alive at Sultan

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”
― Julia Child

Awadhi cuisine is such a gastronomic experience which can easily take away your plan to have diet food and become slim and trim. Awadhi and Mughlai food here at Sultan, comprise refined, delicately flavoured dishes created with royal touch, influenced by Indian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern flavours. Intricate, very skilfully made kebabs are a speciality of Sultan, along with biryanis and kormas. There’s plentiful use of cream, nuts, saffron and aromatic spices. Aromas from the fresh tandoor envelope us as we approach the stretch. The kitchen beside dining area sporting shiny kebab skewers. Cuisine from Awadh isn’t unknown to many. It comes with a legacy from the Nawabs and the kings. With heavy influences from the Mughal cooking techniques such as dum, Awadh cuisine bears striking similarities to those of Persia, Kashmir, Punjab and Hyderabad. It’s essence lies in its richness with liberal use of exotic spices including saffron and sandalwood. We started off with a cool refreshment, followed with starters and staples that catered to both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste buds. Co-founder Mr. Sudipto Karmakar walked us through an array of dishes on the menu they had to offer at our bloggers meet for the evening.

The Dishes We Had :

Roohafza Lemonade – Awesome and lovely looking lemonade it was. Roohafza brings back memories. The rose lemonade looks so refreshing. One of the most loved drinks for the summers since long. Lovely presentation! It has a strong floral flavour with a twist of lemonade and very beautiful pink color. Chilling with this rejuvenating drinks that momentarily make us forget all about the challenges of living in Hot Summer.


Murgh Tulsi Tikka – Boneless pieces of chicken flavored with Kings cumin, other spices ,basil and marinated with yoghurt. Tandori chicken tikka immersed in a spiced creamy butter sauce . It turned out real good.  The kabab was moist and very fragrant and it was filled with aromatic sweet smells of basil.


Firangi Kebab –  Signature dish.  Succulent chicken kebabs marinated with cheese, spices and grilled to perfection. An inventive fusion of western flavors with the Indian tikka. This Smooth creamy mixture of cream cheese & sourcream combined with fresh chicken  that resulted in mouthwatering dish.


Galwati Kebab –  Galawati Kebab is made of minced mutton and is a star Awadhi dish. A raw papaya paste is traditionally used to tenderise the meat. Lucknowi folklore has it that Galawati Kebab was created for an aging, toothless Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. What a pleasant surprise this was when it has been presented with such brilliant artistry. Each kabab was place on a separate small laccha type indian bread with hari chutney. The Galawati kebabs were delicately and fondly cooked using papaya as tenderizing agent which makes it softer than butter and tender as snow.



Achari Paneer Tikka –  Achari Paneer tikka is a delicious starter made with paneer marinated in a Achari marinade. An excitingly achaari formula to prepare paneer that is sure to set your taste buds on fire, albeit enjoyably. This tikka was enjoyed fresh, with tantalising dahiwale phudina chutney.


Garlic Naan – Naan is one of the most ordered Indian bread in an Indian restaurant. The garlicky flavor of naan compliments the spicy flavor to different Punjabi curries.  It was cheesy, buttery, garlicky naan that you can’t stop eating!


Sabz Miloni – Mix vegetable cooked in spinach & tomato gravy,spiked with dried fenugreek leaves. I found it super delicious to incorporate this vegan dish among an array of non veg awadhi dishes around.


Murgh Badami – Succulent chicken pieces coated with broken nuts and cooked in rich yellow gravy.  This rich and decadent Mughlai recipe is a delicious dish fit for a king! A truly royal delectable dish for a fantastic dinner menu for any occasion. It just made the evening !! Creamy texture and taste of almonds makes it worth.


Goshth Biryani – Goshth ki Biryani is a lamb Biryani cooked in layers of rice with saffron, butter and whole spices. The curry is simple yet packed full of flavours.  A popular Mughlai dosh. This fragrant, layered mutton biryani gave everyone a reason to look forward to perfect dining. Amazingly flavoursome !


Murgh Chanp – Traditionally chooza cooked in 26 types of ingredients to prepare this tempting aromatic rich gravy.  A Rich Traditional Mughlai Preparation, the Nawabs of Bengal brought in the celebrated Awadhi cuisine to Bengal way back in early 18th century. When they moved their capital from Dhaka to Murshidabad, the cuisine developed a life of its own. It just took me off guard  by its exquisitely aromatic wonder.


Shahi Tukra – Indian Bread pudding with condensed milk and dry fruits. A popular hyderabadi special sweet is a royal treat to taste buds at anytime. It was a super rich dessert and its truly tastes divine with exotic flavors


Sultan was truly mesmerizing. The flavours are great — subtle and not overpowering — and the service is efficient and fast, considering the cuisine.It was quiet a gastronomic experience.

With availability of vast number of items under such a comfortable pocket pinch
One must give it a try, one’ll love it !! Awadhi cuisine has no fear of losing its connoisseurs when Sultan is here.

Sultan  Zindabad !!

Special thanks to:

Sudipto Karmakar , Co-founder, Sultan – For hosting us so nicely and extending the warm hospitality  and her team for service us amazing Dishes

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide) – For inviting us

○ I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron


For more details:

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