Happy Dim Sum Delight @ De Sovrani

How could you not fall in love with a type of meal that literally means “light up the heart’? A whole array of dishes, mostly steamed, some deep-fried, others occasionally baked into the crispiest of feathery light dish, all with the sole purpose of igniting joy.

Dim Sum has a dedicated following anywhere Cantonese people roam and you’ll often see Dim Sum joints lining the streets of all the Chinatowns in the world. Hong Kong, is the king of dim sum production and consumption.

DE SOVRANI is hosting a dim sum festival to provide some relaxation to the Workaholics in the first week of March. Bringing the Chinatown flavour at Saltlake only.

Reserve your date for the first weekend i.e. 3rd to 5th March, 2017.
Are there other Dim Sum must-haves on your list? DE SOVRANI is more than happy to continue stuffing your faces with the aim of bringing you the Non-Definitive experience to Dim Sum.

Open for both lunch and dinner here you can try out vegetarian dim sums which will contain a range of fillings including organic Chinese cabbage with pak choy, fresh baby corn, mushroom, and many more. The non-vegetarian dim sums will include chicken, shrimp, pork n bacon, fish options.

The Dishes in detail :

Non Veg 

Smoked chicken sausage Dim Sum – 


img_9064Finely chopped smoked chicken sausage mixed with juicy spring chicken mince, flavoured with sesame oil,wrapped into a shape of dumpling and steamed very well. The key was great chicken sausage and its flavor. They are all smoked and fully cooked making them so easy to taste buds.

Szechuan chicken Dim Sum – 


img_9038Minced chicken blended with chopped celery,ginger and garlic.finished with chili garlic oil – wrapped into a shape of dumpling and steamed. You take a small bite off one end, suck in the juice, spoon in some hot sauce and then pop the whole portion into your mouth. It will go down like butter !!!

Five spiced fish Dim Sum –


Fish mince seasoned with five spices,after that wrapped into a dumpling shape and steamed. The perfect dim sum has a shell that’s delicate yet firm enough to hold in the juices.  One bite and the juice will squirt out if you’re not careful.

Mexican shrimp Dim Sum –


Minced shrimp mixed with chopped shallots,jalapeno,fresh red chilies & coriander stems.later on wrapped into dumpling shape and steamed it very well. With bright pink chunks of plump shrimp veiled in thin, stretchy, translucent dough and it was enough to keep the filling and juices trapped inside, to accomplished the goal.

Sticky Bacon & Pork Meat Dim Sum – 


Pork minced meat mixed with finely chopped sticky bacon along with chopped ginger garlic n flavoured with coriander – wrapped into a shape of dumpling n steamed. This gorgeous Dim Sum recipe is perfect. This great variation is a super star on dim sum tables.


Veg Golden Garlic Dim Sum – 


Finely chopped carrot,cabbage and beans, flavoured with burnt garlic.wrapped and steamed it very well. Spring is wild garlic season: make the most of this wonderful foraging ingredient by adding it to the filling of Chinese steamed dumplings, it’s delicious.

Pak choy & Chinese cabbage Dim Sum –


Finely chopped Chinese cabbage and pak choy mixed with coriander,fresh chilies & chopped ginger.wrapped and steamed.These are beautiful and they are delicious as well! My mouth is watering!

Spicy mushroom Dim Sum –


Minced fresh mushroom mixed with chopped ginger,garlic & fresh chilies.dumplings are wrapped very well and steamed. These mushroom dumplings are bursting with savory flavour. Fresh mushrooms impart a rich, distinct flavour.

Water chestnut & cottage cheese Dim Sum –


Cottage cheese mixed with water chestnut, flavoured with chopped celery and garlic wrapped into a dumpling shape and steamed.

Corn & cheese Dim Sum –


Fresh minced corn mixed with cheese,golden onion and crushed red chilies with a hint of butter-wrapped into a shape of dumpling and steamed it very well.

Savour a Wide array of Succulent and Flavorful Dim Sums with the Dim-Sum Festival at DE SOVRANI.

In the meantime, Happy Dumplings!

Special thanks to:

○  Kamalini Paul (Owner) – For the Invitation and extending the warm hospitality 

○  Barid Sau Chef and his team for service us amazing Dim Sum


For more details:



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