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Kolkatan never get bored of Chinese food and never stopped to appreciate those. which is why so many Chinese restaurants have managed to become so successful in the city. The most talked about upcoming addition to this list of Chinese restaurants is Asia House -Pan Asian Cuisine. We got the chance to get a glimpse of what the restaurant has in store for us. The best part, which also sets this restaurant apart from any other Chinese restaurant is that it doesn’t only focus on Chinese cuisine. It is truly a Pan Asian restaurant with dishes ranging from Malay, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean cuisines.The space is elegant, comfortable and inviting. The start are warm, helpful and unobtrusive. Flavorsome food with interesting texture. The chef has obviously put a lot of thought in his creations. As we walked into Asian House, we were immediately seduced by both the aroma of the tantalising smells wafting through the restaurant, as well as by the excited murmur of happily munching clients. The interior is both smart and trendy, and gave both a happening vibe with a balanced sense of a cozy intimacy. The restaurant’s decor is impeccably chic with lots of natural light, minimalistic with hints of the perfect Asian theme.The look, the scents, the atmosphere, the menu all tell you that if you are looking for authentic Pan Asian flavours, you have come to the right place.

Stepping inside, expanses of black and red surfaces, teamed with Oriental artwork and sculptures, create a feeling of far eastern intimacy. With the dimmed lighting in place, it was almost reminiscent of the Macau casino scene from Skyfall – granted, I can’t quite pull of the rakish James Bond look, but to have a restaurant instill a feeling of harmless fantasy that doesn’t feel like a gimmick is a very rare thing, but it doesn’t really solely on tradition, but adds its own unique contemporary flourishes as well.

IMG_20170306_192423IMG_20170306_192253IMG_20170306_192258IMG_20170306_192323IMG_20170306_185744IMG_20170306_185658IMG_20170306_185654We were excited to see that the tasting menu offered a comprehensive variety of dishes, encompassing a great deal of flavours that spanned large portions of the map.

As with some other restaurants around Kolkata, Asia House’s location and dedication to both innovation on the menu, and creating a sense of real atmosphere and style inside, may discourage people with the notion of prohibitive pricing. This is simply not the case here. To get to sample such bold flavour in their dishes, the freshest of ingredients, all in a setting like this and to pay relatively little for it, Asia House is actually something of a bargain. Not once did the menu seem rushed, or padded out, but rather like the chefs have real excitement in what they do.

“So Asia House started as a need to reinvent Asian Cuisine in the city. I wanted something away from the regular Chinese and Thai we get all around Kolkata. While some the items are still typical, 85% of the menu is experimental and Modern.By Modern I mean using modern cooking techniques and ingredients to supplement the traditional flavors of a long standing and recognized dish.So I came up with this concept of picking up dishes from some of the best modern Asian Restaurants around the world and recreating them in Kolkata”. – Varun Rajgarhia – owner – Asia House

The Dishes We Had : 

Soups :

Vietnamese Pho (Chicken) –  A nourishing soup made with flat rice noodles and chicken broth, Pho soup is popular throughout Vietnam. I have never had Pho before, but I’ve heard such good things about it that I had to give it a try. It was PHObulous!!!! I found that what made the flavors pop was by adding the basil, coriander and lime wedges just brought out so many more flavors, and the bean sprouts gave it a nice crunch.


Asian Mushroom Soup (Chicken) – This Asian Style Chicken & Mushroom soup is a great, warming light dinner choice which is perfect to include in our healthy eating plan and packs a protein punch. Standard organic Mushrooms and chicken infused with herbs including ginger that boost the immune system, this broth will provide you with feelings of warmth and home at the same time. I love the soup and have been thoroughly impressed by how fresh and tasty it is.


Starters :

Sui Mai (Chicken) – I bet most of you have heard about Dim sum, which is a southern Chinese cuisine that serves with tea and comes in small portions in bamboo steamer! I will never say ‘no’ to Dim Sum and it will always be one of my favourites! Sui Mai is definitely a “must-order” dish. Here they are making it with chicken instead of prawn or pork, just simply because I think We Bengali are more chicken than pork person! Or perhaps, its purely because they feel like trying something different to serve us. Wafer thin floor wrappers with minced chicken served with garlic oil.  There is something charming about going for this dim sum, I guess it must be something I treasure for a long time. IMG_1619

Pla Sad Takrai – Wow, this is a spectacular dish. By itself, fried fish does really excite me. The lemon grass, lime and crunchy bird’s eye chilli, coriander & Thai herbs match perfectly with fish fillets. The fillets are deep fried and topped with a lemongrass based sauce made from a curry paste before being pan fired with broth and sauce. Finger licking good. I get an adrenalin rush. This fried fish with spicy lemongrass sauce (probably a hint of tamarind) is sweet and sour and totally delicious. IMG_1641

Indonesian Chicken Satay –  As many of you know, Indonesian well know with their satay – or as we call it Sate – that because satay is considered as the national dish.  Mostly satay is serve with one or two kind of sauce, and the most common used and famous is the peanut sauce.  Delightful little skewers of juicy cooked meat served with creamy peanut sauce. IMG_1607

Mains :

Kai Pad Kraprow –  Chicken (kai) Stir-fried (pad) basil (krapow) Stir-fried chicken with Thai holy basil is a favorite dish for Thais and Westerners alike. It is sold in small Thai eateries as a quick one-plate meal served on a bed of steamed jasmine rice. Thai basil chicken, is a contender for the most popular and most preferred Thai Food. The number of fresh chilies makes this a spicy dish. Yummy, savory, tart dish that’s perfect.


Sliced Fish in Chef’s Secret Sauce – Again delicious – sliced fish battered and deep-fried and served in a rich Asian prune sauce with chillies, spring onions and shrimps. Loved the richness and consistency of the sauce. This kind of sauce fits right in with the complex Southeast Asian cuisines, which thrive on pulling our taste buds in a dozen directions at once, acting as the colorful background for other dramatic notes to pop.


Chicken in Black Bean Sauce – Fermented black beans, while not as ubiquitous in Chinese cooking as soy sauce, are a worthy pantry staple for any Chinese cooking aficionado. These little soybeans, packed and fermented in salt, give a pungent dimension to this stir-fry sauces which has been used to prepare this delicious hot Chicken Dish ! IMG_1705

Rice & Noodles :

Kai Pad Kraprow (Chicken) –  Chicken Fried rice is a popular Chinese dish that involves stir frying rice and vegetables cooked together on a high flame in a wok. There are numerous variations to this dish and one such kind is this dish that is predominantly flavoured by burnt garlic. Sautéeing the garlic till brown gave this rice preparation its unique flavour. Together with red chillies and soya sauce, burnt garlic lends an exciting touch to perfectly cooked Chinese Chicken Rice with a flavour of smoked oil. A delicious quick rice …a must try dish!IMG_1667

Chili Garlic Noodles –  Chilli Garlic Noodles is a simple stir-fried noodles recipe infused with bold flavors of garlic and hot red chilli. A quick, easy and flavourful meal, perfect for entertaining and busy work day. It is a delight to eat. It was so soul satisfying. IMG_20170306_211229

Desserts :

Darsoan with Ice Cream – Crispy Fried flour strips tossed with burnt honey  and caramelized sugar.  A Chinese style dessert which is exquisite. I love it. This is almost every body’s favourite Desert in any Oriental Restaurant. IMG_1739

Fried Ice Cream – Fried vanilla ice cream infused with coconut flakes and finished with honey,white sesame and chocolate sauce.  I couldn’t resist trying this Deep Fried Ice Cream, that much maligned delicacy ! If there is one thing I know to be undoubtedly true, it is that ice cream is the best year-round dessert. It’s true! Ice cream is cool and refreshing in the summer, and makes for a dreamily creamy, delicious winter dessert. Craving more? IMG_1725

Asia House restaurant at Southern Avenue serving good Asian food at excellent value. Portions are generous, with excellent service. I will definitely return. Recommended.

I’m just a foodie who loves to eat. And if you’re like me, you’ll love the food here too…

Just come here for the whole experience of eating from a wide variety of Asian food. This place has a lot the offer and the ambiance is mellowing.

Drop in with your friends or family and enjoy.

Special Thanks to – 

○ Varun Rajgarhia, owner Asia House for the invitation and amazing hospitality.
○ Chef for providing us such a lovely experience of Steam Food

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee for leading us.

Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

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