“Durbari ! Bahut bahut shukriyaan aap sabhi ka ”

Swissotel, Kolkata was very special for me in many ways. Since Swissotel opened in Kolkata I have been dying to be there and feel what it takes a hotel to become international and open its doors in so many places. Finally I made it. This place is definitely the best one you can stay in Kolkata and have a fine dining experience. Please excuse me for uploading so many photographs herewith as i was just unable to find many appropriate words to describe this beauty.

Modern, clean, with a very kind staff, ready to help you at any time, is close to the airport, not far from the center, and close to a mall, just if you need to buy something you forgot.
It was more than food blogging, more than being a food enthusiast or an opportunity as a member of Panchphoron Food Bloggers to cover the event. Durbari is the Indian restaurant in the Swissotel Kolkata. This restaurant has an extensive menu including both local (Bengal) and country-wide dishes, plus a few signature dishes. A great way to sample varies curries, dahls, rices etc. The interiors are done in class and give you a classic fine dining experience.

Durbari is a fine example of balance – where traditional and modern design elements meet in a relaxed setting. Located on the 2nd floor, this Indian speciality restaurant offers comfortable seating capacity for 88 guests. The restaurant is a delightful venue for all who enjoy Indian traditional fare with a twist outside of their own kitchens. The menu offered is a culinary journey from succulent kebabs to rich curries and fragrant dum biryanis. At the first place looking around the decor will make you realize why this is one of fine dining highly rated restaurant in the city.  – source Official Website

The Dishes We Had :

Kiwi Mojito –  Kiwi Mojito is a tasty cool beverage prepared without the addition of alcohol. This sassy green mocktail is a sweet-tart blend of kiwi, fresh mint, lime juice, and light rum, and the resulting flavor party is nothing short of delightful.


Roasted Papad – They are a traditional accompaniment to rice and dal in Indian cuisine. Roasted Masala papad and rice papad had been served here with array of sauces and pickles. Though papads are fried in a traditional Indian kitchen, I founded Roasted masala ones more true in taste.



Masala Chaas –  Indian spiced butter milk. A summer coolant drink or appetizer. A mildly spiced drink made with curds. Presented like shots. So tempting in looks.  The most healthiest chilled drink made using yogurt and fresh herbs.


Veg kebab platter  – 


Get 4 variants of succulent Vegetarian Kebabs in this platter. 

Sabj sahi potli – Indian spiced vegetable and nuts staffed in bread. Potli are like small packets or bag that look very beautiful, unique and very delicious. This can be served as starter in any party or can be prepared for any special occasions or can be accompanied in supper.This potlis are made with masala  vegetable stuffing and nuts.

Jatuni malai Paneer Roll – Cottage cheese roll staffed with olives marinated with cream cooked in tandoor. Soft smoothy sweet cheese rolls stuffed with creamy olives filling which was so amazing in taste.

Rajma aur palak ki galouti kabab – Kidney beans and spinach galette. This Rajma aur Palak Galouti Kebabs re melt in the mouth kebabs that is packed with flavor. The soft cooked rajma, along with the palak give that melt in the mouth feeling. The Rajma Galouti Kebab is a vegetarian version of the traditional Galouti kebab, where meat has been replaced with rajma.

Makhmali dahi kebab – Deep fried melting yogurt petty. The Makhmali Dahi Kebab is a classic Indian appetizer that can make you a star in your parties. This kebab is quite different from the lot, because it has a unique texture, which is not crisp, but soft and creamy Enjoyed this unique starter immediately with green chutney.

Non-veg kebab platter  – 


Get 4 variants of succulent Non Vegetarian Kebabs in this platter. 

Bhati da jhinga – Pan fried prawn marinated with green. Jumbo prawn marinated with spices, coriander fried in Pan. A rustic melt in mouth prawn preparation was succulent, and very juicy. The blend of spices were perfect not over powering.


Sahi badami machli tikka – Tandoor roasted fish flavored with nuts. Badami Machli tikka is another delicious Indian recipe served as a Starter. Rich flavoured fish tikka was Juicy, soft, yummy  when melts in our mouth. Pieces of tender fish tikka cooked with a combination of cashew and almond nuts, served with a delectable fresh cream sauce.


Bharwan tangri kebab – Tandoor roasted chicken drumstick filled with Spinach, mushroom and cheese.  Mughlai cuisine is definitely a feast for all of one’s senses. Recipes from the Mughlai cuisine are rich in taste and ingredients. What makes this stuffed Tangdi kebab  different from the regular tangdi kebab ? Its the Stuffing! Here tandoor roasted chicken drumsticks have been stuffed with  Spinach, Mushroom and cheese which gives  them a superb taste. It was really the showstopper for the day.



Gosht shami kebab – Lamb cooked with lentil and home ground spices, make dumpling and deep fry. Shami kabab is a local variety of kebab from the Indian subcontinent. It is part of the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines. It is another great dish that can be served as an appetizer. Succulent minced lamb patties with some bengal gram and loads of fragrant masalas. Garnished with sliced raw onions and chutney on the top of it made from mint or coriander.


Dal Durbari – Durbari specialty of black lentil. Definitely delicious, tasty and warm. With its smooth velvety texture and lovely flavour it was quiet a delicacy that was going very well after so many power-punched kababs.


Butter Nan – They served the best soft & crispy butter naans that actually melts in your mouth. Worth getting your fingers dirty for.


Served in between on request for one more round of Refreshment. This time it was Apple Mojito – Fresh apple, mint and lime make for fresh-tasting sips. Mint and apples is a marriage made in heaven when you combine them to put a twist on this classic Mojito. Thanks to Mr. Pawaninder  for such warm hospitality and care. 

Dum Gosht Biryani – Lamb cooked with saffron flavoured basmati rice in sealed pot.  “There is no sincere love than love for Biryani.” Dare we say, this was exudes royalty.It was a mouth-watering dish. The first look made us pleasantly surprised that it was piping hot bursting with aroma. The juicy succulent mutton pieces brought a smile to non veg mongers like me. The long grained flavourful rice prepared with secret spices made it worth the wait. One could easily feel the cardamom creating the magic in the well cooked grains of rice. And, before we forget, it’s accompanied with raita too. I admit that I was partial towards raita & hence, it didn’t tickle my taste buds as much as i expected. I could gobble up all the Biryani without giving them much of attention.


It was time for Deserts.

Chukandar ka halwa, Rasmalai & Home made Ice Cream (Nolen Gur flavour)



Chukandar ka halwa – Inspired by the more popular Gajar Halwa, this one is a stunner visually because of its bright blackred colour. Even the haters of beetroot, will love this beetroot halwa. This is possibly one of the easiest sweet we could think off . I loved it so much, it tasted so rich and yummy.IMG_20170303_223816

Rasmalai – Cottage cheese dumpling in cardamom flavoured milk. Rasomalai is a very tasty dessert which is one of the popular Bengali sweet of spongy cottage cheese dumplings soaked in cardamom flavoured thickened and sweetened milk. It is one of the exclusive delicacy of Bengal.


Home made Ice Cream (Nolen Gur flavour) – One of the best ice cream flavours in my lifetime! This is an ice cream flavour that will drive you crazy with its flavour and aroma. It felt like a mission accomplished for the day. If there is any term to experience anything with all your senses that happened with this ice cream. It was Deliciously creamy,eye soothingly beautiful and breathtakingly aromatic.


What I liked most along with the quality food was the presentation. The presentation of the restaurant, food, cutlery, crockery, staff, and waiters, everything was simply wonderful. Would love to go there again and would highly recommend a must try. Durbari, the Indian restaurant at Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista, that officially opened doors around 7 years ago, has all the delicious goodies but lighter and healthier to provide you a great journey towards a stunning gastronomical experience with expertise.

Great Place to dine in, almost perfect.

Special thanks to:

Pawaninder Sondhi, Digital Marketing Manager, Swissôtel Kolkata– For Inviting & hosting us so nicely and extending the warm hospitality.

○ Subhrajit Bardhan, General Manager, Swissôtel Kolkata– For sharing few light moments from his busy schedule.

○ Krishnendu Banerjee, Outlet Manager, Swissôtel Kolkata For amazing welcome

○ Chef Subhradeep Ghosh,  Durbari, Swissôtel Kolkata – For serving us delightful amazing Dishes.

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide) – For leading us

○ I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

For more details:


Durbari - Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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