Succulent Bengal delicacies with twist @ Saptapadi

“Food, my eternal love” – Saptapadi (the seven steps of togetherness )

Saptapadi is quite an experience.

The restaurant is a cozy & nice-the theme being inspired from “Saptapadi”-legendary bengali film casting Uttam & Suchitra. The black and white blow ups of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen that adorn the walls of the cosy restaurant in Purna Das Road reminds guests of the golden age of Bengali cinema. IMG_20170309_191331IMG_20170309_191350IMG_20170309_191819The terracota plates and pitcher and the wood carvings all around lends a refined earthy feel to the restaurant.The restaurant isn’t a large one but the servings was done with utmost care, affection and undoubtedly the best Bengali food as of now for me to savour your tastebuds. IMG_20170309_191436IMG_20170309_191453IMG_20170309_191518IMG_20170309_191529IMG_20170309_191539Visiting the restaurant is definitely worthwhile as the food is delicious and for an extremely reasonable price. The menu offers a wide variety of Authentic Bengali & Fusion dishes. The Seven points I must mention which has taken care by Management which resulted into an eternal bonding between a Foodie and the Food Joint.

  1. Food, of course
  2. Responsiveness and knowledge of servers
  3. Beverages
  4. Noise level
  5. Decor and furnishings
  6. Washroom
  7. Pocket Pinch

As we sat at the table, I observed the way staffs dealt with other orders that came in, and Mr. Ranjan Biswas was extremely professional and always made sure the client was going to be happy.

The Dishes We Had :

Fresh Lime soda  – This is a refreshing drink is typical of Calcutta. Cool and refreshing and so much better for you than those chemical laboratory products that wear brand names. And of course the taste of pati Lebu is just to die for. A perfect classic Summer cooler. It was so tempting that I forgot to take the picture of the glass when it was served. You can clearly understand that how thirsty I was.


Lichu – Kachalonkar shorbot – A special presentation for us. (Not in menu)  Litchi Kachalonkar Shorbot  was not just delicious but refreshing too. And the innovations by the Chef is simply to be praised for. Sweet fresh lychees are cut with the heat of a chili to make for a balanced, refreshing summer drink. Fire up with this refreshing and spicy refresher which packs a punch in more ways than one!

Murgi – Chingri Lollypop –  Succulent pieces of chicken stuffed with prawn ragout served with a sauce of Gandhoraj – Kachalanka & honey. These were very nice. They were very rich in flavor and creamy. I really enjoyed the hot sauce. I loved this prawn stuffed chicken. A delicious chicken dish good enough for entertaining the foodies. Maybe not the prettiest of chicken dishes but most definitely one of the tastiest. Chicken and Prawn are such a natural heavenly combination and these prawn ragout stuffed chicken lollypops bring them together for you in one tasty package.


Jhalmuri baked  Bhetki  with sour cream and tomato kasundi salsa – Puffed rice crusted Vetki fish served with Salsa and sour cream along with Gandhoraj chilli Rice and House salad made of red cabbage, delightfully soaked in sugar syrup. Bhetki Fillets, juicy & succulent. The first thought which comes to mind is Fish Fry (the Bong way). But no, here is the twist. Puffed rice has been used in place of bread cumbers to provide it and unique crunchiness which is so different from the later one. Bhetki fillets with a crunchy Jhalmuri topping gives the very healthy baked version of crispy baked fish. I tasted their Gondhoraj Chilli Rice. I was bowled, I was totally mesmerised. Ranjan Da was giving us some details about the preparation of House Made salad of Red Cabbage. I just kept on having that rice with Bhetki without any stopping. Such a deadly combo along with the Salsa which was going so nicely with the package. I just forgot to have that sour cream. Lots of Flavour comedown to a single dish. Juicy fillet, Flavoured rice, Tangy Salsa and Sweet cabbage salad. Just wow wow wow.


Kacha lanka Narkel Pesto Murgi with Herb Paratha and House Salad – An italian delicacy sauce blend with Bengal cookery  resulted into a mouthwatering  preparation. I loved that housemade coconut pesto sauce.This coconut cream pesto sauce was perfect for pouring over soft tender chicken pieces. The zeera rosted tomato was awesome as an add on. It was justified its place in such flavourful dish. Crunchy crispy herb paratha was perfect foil for the chicken dish. Pesto with coconut is the most delicious marinade to have flavorful tender chicken breast. The coconut imparts beautiful the nutty aroma and taste while pesto turns from grass smell to sweet scent while mingling with the juices of chicken. Quiet a Love Story.



Ice cream Patisapta – Patisaptas are made from a batter of rice flour and then shaped and filled with sweet ingredients or coconut soaked in sweet syrup. None of the festivals or celebrations are completed without trays and trays of homemade rice dumplings shaped into various shapes and sizes. But, just forgot about the classic traditional stuffing. Its patisapta of Modern age stuffed with icecream. Straberry syrup on top was just like icing on the cake. Just lip smacking.. A perfect tribute to evening Gastronomical saga spend at Saptapadi.


Saptapadi as a movie is so close to our heart..And Saptapadi as a Restaurant will remain so close to my Heart too as far as gastronomic experiment is concern !! I was blown away by our first ever gourmet experience and will always hold the establishment high on my list. We relished upon a lipsmacking list of preparations. 

Ei poth jodi na sesh hoy
Tobe kemon hoto tumi boloto?

A never ending hunger to explore foods will keep us alive.

Special thanks to:

Ranjan Biswas , Managing Director at Saptapadi Restaurant – For hosting us so nicely and extending the warm hospitality  and his team for service us amazing Dishes.

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide) – For invitng us

○ I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

For more details:

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  1. SheryL♥ says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the follow!
    Great blog here! 🙂

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    1. Hope You enjoy My journey with Food too !


      1. SheryL♥ says:

        Sure thing! I’m a foodie myself. 😀
        If you’re up for a challenge, I invite you over to a challenge post. Kindly check it out here:

        Thanks! 😉


  2. Sue says:

    Your food photos make me drool! I’m new to Kolkata, and I’d say your blog is helpful! I definitely wanna check out the restaurant you’ve written about in this particular post – it looks too unique to give it a pass 😀


    1. Thank you for your kind words !! Looking forward to meet you in person !

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      1. Sue says:

        My husband and I would love to join you for a meal 🙂 I don’t have an Indian phone number yet, but perhaps we can contact via email? My address is 😀


      2. What would you prefer to have in meal ? Indian Dish or Bengali ?? When You r in Bengal you must taste our Bengali dishes !!


      3. Sue says:

        Hahaha, honestly I do not know what’s the difference. I’m thinking I’ve been trying out Indian food, so Bengali dishes sounds good 😀


      4. Let me know , when u want to go for bengali food !! i would like to guide you !!

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      5. Sue says:

        Do you have an email address or a number for me to whatsapp? Probably easier to coordinate there haha ’cause I think we don’t check our wordpress notification often 😀


      6. Provide me your whatsapp number ! I am texting you !!


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