Mesmerizing Mojito !!


Afraa Creperie, is located right behind city centre. Almost adjacent to it. It looks like a convention centre. The crepe rise has a nice elegant, mature feel to it, at the same time it is open and uplifting.



Mojito Fest celebrates the Latino culture in Kolkata, by paying tribute to this classic drink! The weather is getting warmer, and this blog was in desperate need of a cool and refreshing drink. A Mojito only seemed natural.

People to feel like they are taking a vacation from Kolkata for a few days and going to Latin America to celebrate their culture. It could not be a better time to begin that journey !!  Bengali Naba Barsha with a punch of this classic drink ! Just Can’t ask for a better beginning of the New Year.

“There are a lot of Latin drinks we could have chosen, but mojitos are a good drink for this time of year, There are so many variations to it too. We want to see what the people in Kolkata will experience. I think the Orange Mojito has a really good shot of winning heart of Kolkata people. If people are not that adventurous then the Watermelon mojito will probably work for them,” – Somnath Dutt, Operation Head at Afraa Lounge & Restaurant

Looking for something tall, cool, thirst-quenching – and a little different? How about this fresh spin on the Mojito, made with a healthy measure of  fresh ingredients ? A Mojito consists entirely of a little sugar, mint leaves, lime, and some soda (sparkling water/carbonated water).   It’s a very refreshing drink for hot summer days. Be careful when drinking it, however. If you have a pitcher infront of you you might be tempted to drink the whole thing yourself, and you just might find yourself talking Spanish in no time!  1A0A0208

This week, in celebration of the arrival of warm-weather drinks season, I thought I’d expand my repertoire a little and try out few fresh Mojitos. I love a boozy drink, but the alcohol-free version is definitely gonna rockin’ it too! Afraa Creperie, Sector 1, Salt Lake has made the Sunny afternoon a perfect bright one by their widely displayed collection of Mojitos. Hitting the floor from tomorrow, 15th.

Welcome Summer. Welcome Bengalis. Subho Naba Barsha.

This looked like a place any one would get started on right away.  Get ready to drown in the freshness of Mojito,  its own massive and primarily positive impact.

Ooohh La La !! 1A0A0169

The Menu of Mojito Fest  – 

Gondhoraj Mojito –  This Kaffir Lime Mojito is a beautiful update to the classic. Kaffir lime add a lovely fragrant depth of flavour. Cool and refreshing, Kaffir Cooler. Mojito meets Southeast Asia. A perfectly thirst-quenching drink.  It’s an incredible ingredient common in Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisine. It’s amazingly aromatic with limey-sweet perfume. 1A0A0174

Watermelon Mojito – Who can resist the watermelon? The natural sugars from the fruit and a refreshing contrast of lime and mint make my frozen watermelon Mojito a definite winner. Sit back and relax this summer with a delicious and refreshing no-sugar added watermelon Mojito full of the fresh flavors of summer! 1A0A01421A0A0144

Cucumber Mojito – A delicious and refreshing twist on the classic mojito made with the addition of cucumbers. When it’s this hot outside, nothing cools you back down and refreshes you quite like an ice cold drink. Cool Cucumber Mojito is the perfect choice to chill out. This Cucumber Mojito has been my go-to summer drinks. It’s light, refreshing, and just the right amount of sweetness. 1A0A01481A0A0153

Green Apple Mojito –  Apples are lovely for many months of the year and the green ones are looking divine. An incredibly fruity combination of Green apple, lime, mint and soda water. An apple twist on the classic Mojito recipe, this drink is appley, but with a mint flavour from fresh leaves that makes for a great taste. 1A0A01651A0A0167

Orange Mojito – The unique orange flavor in this drink is the perfect combo of sweet and sour. Refreshing, fruity and slightly sweet, with a touch of tanginess – this delightful orange mojito is perfect for sipping when the sun’s out. I love any mojito but this version can transport me to a tropical beach and a bikini lady wading into the ocean carrying my drink on a tray as I loll on my floating lounger. 1A0A0155


Kiwi Mojito – Fresh green juice in the morning is probably one of my favourite ways to start the day. Kiwi Mojito, the beautiful light green colour of this mojito is enough to entice you to have the drink. A delightful way to quench one’s thirst! 1A0A0133

It’s a great idea, well-executed. Enjoy the Summer and Drink up !

I find it hard to pick any better, more refreshing, and more loved cocktail than a Mojito. Cooling mint. Refreshing lime. And sweetened sparkling water never fail to hit the spot after a day in the sun! What is there not to love?

Cool of your Summer with Gloriously chilled Mojito. Enjoy the Sip and Get Refreshed ! 1A0A0198

Special Thanks to – 

○ Somnath Dutt, Operation Head at Afraa Lounge & Restaurant,  for the invitation and amazing hospitality.

○ Snehashish Kumar Ganguly for his amazing clicks

Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron


For more Details –

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  3. These drinks are works of art! Each one is so beautiful.


    1. Yes !! The credit goes to Chef and his team !!

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  4. Kara's Rum Quest says:

    Green Apple Mojito has my name written all over it!!


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