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Was out of station for a long time and busy with some unavoidable work and routine. Missed you all. Restarting my page with a recent story of a Start – up food delivery joint, located at Garfa near Jadavpur. A message over facebook. Nothing can be better when a Foodie receives an invitation for a complimentary meal from a newly opened food joint. And it’s best when there is an offer to enjoy food at home and they deliver it for you ! Yes, it was such a nice gesture from MyQzin team specially M. Sandeep Das, Store Incharge.

Fried foods are irresistible to your tastebuds – and your waistline. But……..Story goes on..

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Qzin!

We are a food delivery outlet ,located in Jadavpur (Garfa).It would be our pleasure to get your reviews and ratings about our food on Zomato.

Request you to please let us know what items would you like to have from our menu listed in Zomato for reference.


You can drop your message in our facebook inbox with the necessary details so that we can deliver the Complimentary Meal to your preferred location.

Qzin Team 

For busy foodies working all day long, finding opportunities to indulge in new dishes and tasty snacks can be hard to come by. By the time you get in from work the last thing you want to do is hunt around for a new recipe to try out – and that’s assuming you even have the ingredients to make it anyway.  MyQzin, Hugely popular across Jadavpur, the rise in regular delivery services has taken hold in Kolkata, with a huge number of start-up companies tapping into the demand for everyday foodstuffs and quick bites. I have not visited the location yet as Food was delivered to my address directly from their kitchen. It was a surprise to receive a call from the delivery guy and came to know about the Complementary Meal is waiting a few yards away. Mr. Sandeep Das, such a nice person, looking forward to meet in person soon !

Our respective owner’s Mr & Mrs. Jalui often visit Kolkata for their business purposes,during their stay in Kolkata they use to always be concern about their lunch or dinner as there was no time for cooking,hence they had to depend on outside food so they tried most of the food outlets available in South Kolkata but they found that most of the food lacked freshness,had boring menu and delivered in low quality packaging which caused leakages making it unhygienic and unpresentable and some outlets those promising quality were charging very high prices. Mr & Mrs. Jalui saw an opportunity in Kolkata to serve quality food at an affordable price which shall be made with only fresh ingredients and delivered in high quality packaging.That’s when Qzin was born. 

At Qzin we cook everything fresh nothing is kept pre-cooked. We use fresh ingredients and branded refined oil. (no dalda/no palm oil) that is why we personally handpick quality vegetables regularly from the market, even our chicken and fish are not stored in deep freezer for a long time as we buy it everyday so basically nothing is stored in bulk which would lead to lack of freshness. At Qzin we have kept variety of items and we change our menu frequently so that a foodie can try something new every time they order from us. Qzin uses special insulated delivery bags to keep the food hot and fresh,we also use quality food containers which is properly sealed to avoid any spill or leakage. 

– Mr. Sandeep Das, Store Incharge

The Dishes : 

Chinese – 

Chicken Steam Momos – Delicious things come in small packages. The origins of Momos are unclear but what is clear is that they are an absolute treat – full of flavor! The little bags or sacks of fillings that burst flavors the moment I took a bite are something not easily to forget. Served with saucy dips and clear soup. It was hot enough though after such a long journey !  Delicious snacks filled with flavor packed chicken filling.

Schezwan Baby Corn – An another Indo-chinese recipe with baby corn.  It’s the deliciousness of Baby corn cooked in the amazing gravy (dry)of Schezwan sauce along with stir fried Bell peppers. Make your normal day a good day by having something as nice as this one. This is a crisp version of Baby corn and a semi dry dish.  It has some moistness, there is no gravy and sauce coats the fried baby corn. IMG_20170413_174609

Fish Sweet & Sour Gravy – Simple and yet it left me satisfied. Fish is made with battered and fried fish fillets doused with sweet and sour sauce. Flavored with lime juice, sugar, garlic and chili paste resulted in a great taste with lightly thickened sauce. Enjoyed  the soft chunk  pf fishes, simmered in a delectable sweet and sour sauce. IMG_20170413_174931

Schezwan Prawn Chowmein –   Prawn chowmein is the perfect example of how you can change a stodgy takeaway dish into a delicious one. Stir-fried prawns, red peppers, carrots, onions and tender chowmein noodles are tossed together with a flavorful schezwan sauce.  Having an authentic Chinese meal with prawns  gives it a very appetizing kick. IMG_20170413_175042

Chilli Garlic Egg Chicken Fried Rice – Chicken and eggs make this budget-friendly fried rice dish a satisfying one.  The rice and stir-fry mix is a powerhouse of healthy ingredients. Onions, bell peppers unleash the full depth of their flavor. Plus, eggs and chicken provide a healthy dose of protein. This delicious stir-fry will definitely give you a healthy and tasty meal. IMG_20170413_175224

Garlic Chicken (white gravy) – A delicious dish of Chicken with Garlic Gravy. Succulent chicken topped off with a creamy garlic sauce. I have a special love for chicken in white gravy. The best ever, easy and healthy with fragrant sauce.  The sauce, which is also the marinade, gets most of its flavor from garlic, soy sauce, and honey. It is a very interesting combination that gives this dish a rather unique flavor for Chinese.IMG_20170413_174840

Indian – 

Boneless Chicken Butter Masala – Butter Chicken is without a doubt one of the most well known Indian dishes around the world. Loved it! It was delicious!! Boneless tender chicken pieces. You will certainly adore this mild but flavorful dish. It is tasty and goes wonderfully with flat bread / Paratha !! IMG_20170417_150252

Shredded Chicken Bharta – Chicken Bharta is a spicy minced chicken dish, popular in dhabas, restaurants and roadside eateries in India.  Shredded chicken pieces in a creamy flavorful gravy.  It is an unique preparation. Very delicious side dish and good to eat with biryani/ paratha. It is a mughlai dish, quite rich with eggs and spices to bring delectable flavor. The Best of the Day !! IMG_20170413_174559

Paneer Do Pyaza – I am not fond of Paneer that much. This dish was quite reach in nature.It was an appealing paneer dish with luscious paneer or cottage cheese cubes cooked in a rich and creamy onion based gravy. It is also a  mughlai dish which is very popular in the northern part of the country. The creamy fragrant gravy will melt in your mouth paneer. IMG_20170413_174456

Laccha Paratha – A multi layered shallow fried north Indian flat bread. The texture of this laccha paratha was crispy, flakey yet soft inside.IMG_20170413_175128

Jeera Rice – Jeera Rice is a tempting rice dish of Punjabi cuisine. In its simplest form, it is a steamed rice with nice flavor of pan fried cumin seeds. It is a versatile dish that goes well with any curry.IMG_20170413_174630

The joint, I have not visited yet.  Food was awesome but still there is a lot of area of improvement. The portions were enough to give you smile. It did leave us in good mood for the Surprise Delivery! Overall definitely value for money. Recommended for take away.

Thank you Mr. Sandeep Das, Store In Charge and Qzin Team !!

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