Chemistry of My Liquid Love !

I try to not eat ice cream too often so whenever I do, it better be the BEST ice cream ever so I’m not wasting unhealthy/cheat meals on something not even good or worth it. But good news, the ice cream here was both good and worth it ! The thing I enjoyed the most was that when I got my ice cream, it was still hard and put together. Not soft and half in a puddle.. that’s literally the worst. Maybe that’s due to the liquid nitrogen ? I’m not too sure. I remember the last time I went out for ice cream at another place, it made me sad when they served me half melted ice cream even when they just scooped it out the carton. I still ate it though.. but what an upsetting waste of calories.

If you need a quick break from city shopping or city working, n2icecream is most conveniently located on Ballygunge Circular Road, and curiously, seems not to have really caught the eye of the Kolkata Food traffic. Pity, because it is quite special. Lab Nitrogen offers rang of ice creams that will appeal to the more traditional and also, the modern ice cream lovers. There have been classical flavours such as raspberry/strawberry, chocolate brownie, vanilla, and also, a few seasonal specials . The more exotic flavours are Indian-inspired, for example, Banarasi Paan, Delhi Ka Ladoo, Nolen Gur Magic etc. The ice cream here is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Great consistency, creamy but not too thick, and just the right amount of sweetness. They balance their flavors really well! They also have the uncommon flavors that I really loved.

One of the pioneers in bringing liquid nitrogen ice cream into kolkata. We are using flash freezing technique to make the ice cream live in front of the guest. Due to this technique ice cream is very creamy and all the nutritional value of milk and other ingredients remain intact and as we are not using any added preservative it’s super healthy. We have got wide range of choices of addins and toppings that can be mixed and matched by customers and he can try new ice cream in each and every visit. For those who are not so adventurous they can try our top 20 and a week’s special which is renewed every week. So just spoil yourself with the choice of ice cream. Till now we have been covered in T2 of Telegraph twice. Some of the flavours like – banarashi paan , Italian chocolate, strawberry cheese, gulabjamun magic, choco brownie are already famous among our guests. Beside that we have shakes, sorbet, yogurt etc. We don’t use any type of fancy to the customers to make our products attractive to the customers like putting liquid nitrogen on ice cream while serving them to make it look smokey and different which can be dangerous to customers. So it’s absolutely safe for the guests. Customer safety is our first priority. We want to rule the hearts of our guests with our world class products, good taste , healthy option , friendly service. So let’s come together to a new age of live and fresh ice cream and say goodbye to the pre frozen, preservative added ice cream available in market. – Kaushin Bhowmick (The Owner)


The Lovebites –

Italian Chocolate –  One of the most amazing ice creams I’ve ever had.. Nothing gets better than having ferrero rocher nutty ice cream along with chocolate icecream to add to the fun along with waffle and choco chips on the top. Worth a try!  I am a fan of Ferrero Rocher and this choice was actually great to satisfy that Ferrero Rocher cravings.


Benarasi Paan  – Paan Ice-Cream, a digestive dessert. All the goodness of ice-cream flavoured with paan.  Paan and ice cream are two things that are a must have after dinner. At times, it certainly gets difficult to choose between them and to save you some trouble, they have curated a flavourful icecream where you can indulge in a combination of both – in the form of paan ice cream!  Flavourful, smooth and creamy is what best describes this delish desserts. The nitrogen ice cream parlour has given us one more reason to love them –  their paan ice cream. The banarasi ice cream blended with paan flavour and served with meethi toppings, is indeed a perfect combination. Gobble up good!DSC_0339DSC_0340

Mango Milkshake   – Mango Shake is the best summer drink. Its thick creamy texture is to die for. Such a filling and delicious looking drink where Mango Milkshake meets Ice Cream and resulted in to such a tempting and refreshing Shake ! Pulp in every sip makes this shake more vibrant, gorgeous and yummy drinks ! DSC_0341DSC_0342DSC_0344

Sorbet , Kala Khatta  –  I recommend that you pick a sorbet, which is light and smooth here, and quite flavoursome (in Picture – Kala Khatta , one of the Desi Flavour). DSC_0348DSC_0349

Overall, I’ll definitely be back for more of this Chemistry of Happiness.

○ Kaushik Bhowmick , Owner – N2icream, for the invitation

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