Lovestory of Hyangla and Hanglaatherium

Hanglaatherium is one place I visit often, situated near the south city mall area and still hidden inside the some small lanes it is one of the best places if you want to have north Indian dishes with an essence of Bengali cooking.


The atmosphere is excellent, the decor, the lights, the posters, everything speaks volume about their choice and I think that is the unique ingredients behind their success.

This is my first visit and it kind of won my heart honestly, the place is not someplace you can call very well decorated or very well designed but it still has its own different kind of persona with all the red walls and the red themed styling with doodles and paintings.

Kolkata style Biryani is a category that is subtle, Royal, delicate and a true delight. Lots of sentiments attached to it makes it even more difficult to make and also takes huge experience to produce the right aroma, texture and taste. Taking into account all these not many restaurants in Kolkata have lived up to the standard and maintained consistency. Hanglaatherium being pretty newbie in this field has surprised and surpassed many in terms of authenticity, quality and consistency. Their Kolkata Biryani is no doubt one of the best in class.

The Dishes I Had – 

Chelo Kabab – National dish of Iran, Chelo kebab served with buttery pilaf, Mutton Sheek kebabs, Chicken Reshmi Kebabs , sunny side up egg & Tandoored Potato. What else you can ask for your tantalizing tatstebuds  gearing up for a drooling dinner on a rainy evening ??  The most popular and most famous of Iran’s Persian dishes, and my absolute favourite meal. Beautiful, aromatic saffron-scented basmati rice (chelo) served with a pat of butter on top. The perfect combination of flavours and aromas.


Mutton Biriyani –  Kolkata Style Mutton Biryani. The raw smell of desi ghee and rich masala use to make my tastebuds so adorable that I never wanted to leave any option to visit restaurants where only Indian or Mughlai cuisine is served. I completely fell in love with the flavor of light Mutton Biryani here. Tender, Juicy and tasty mutton piece was really made me craving for more but I had able to controlled myself from being Hyangla. I also realised that generous sprinkling  of  those fried semi crisped onions on top really have brought the flavors out even more. Its tough for me writing it up now ! I am really felling hungry !! Oh yes ! The Raita !! An Indian garnish which acts as a cooling flavor to the the spicy dishes that mollifies the chili in the curry and refreshes the palates. It is made by blending thick yoghurt with various fresh fruits, vegetables and spices. It was really yummy too !!



Special Thanks to – 

○ Sunando Banerjee, Owner – Hanglaatherium, for the invitation

○ Piyali Banerjee, owner – Hanglaatherium, for being such a lovely Host !
○ Chef for providing us such a lovely experience of Fusion Food


For more Details –

Hanglaatherium Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. InspiresN says:

    looks so delicious and yum!


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