Wrapped with Love …

The cafe is not as spacious as one may expect but the decor of the place gives the comfy feel .  This place is good for quick bites to grab up the food and leave. Situated right on the road so spotting this place is not an issue. It’s a tiny little cafe with cozy ambiance. NEAT is the word , a brilliantly utilized space on the Ray Street near Elgin Road a retro feel , without loud irritating music , a very colorful ambiance that really sets the mood right.


With a seating capacity of around 15 with the live kitchen at entrance its a complete package to be a hang out zone for a quick bites among college goers.

The Dishes We Had –


Penne Pasta in White Sauce – If you are craving for something delicious,
Then this dish is for you. This white sauce pasta is creamy , cheesy and tastes incredible. A little more portion of cheese into the dish can made we cheese lover more proud ! It’s my lazy Sunday night dinner plan. When I don’t want to have anything special it just could be the my plan ! Loved the color of fresh Bel peppers in it. Really a yummy dish. Super simple and delicious Creamy Penne Pasta packed with flavor.


Cheese Ball Wrap –  Cheese Balls tops the chart of yummiest snacks for most of the vegan foodies. In this innovative wrap, whole wheat pita breads are packed with delightfully tasty cheese balls and a chunky salsa dip of tomatoes and French fries. What else you need ? Lettuce and crushed nacho chips added more textures to the Cheese Balls Wrap, while mayonnaise and ketchup make it so creamy and tasty! DSC_0037DSC_0036

Mushroom Croquette Wrap –  Croquette is a delicious Japanese dish made with soft mashed white potato and coated in a light’n’crispy layer of crumbs. As we are into summer, we enter a season where smaller bites are both appealing and perfect for those hotter days.  Small bites are perfect for trying many different tastes. And these light mushroom croquettes are perfect with a wrapped pita breads. They are a flavorful, satisfying way to get in protein and veggies. Well, you have another avid mushroom lover here. This looks delightful prepared. Tastes superb. Mushroom is something I haven’t had in such a long time.DSC_0046

Paneer Tikka Wrap – What an amazing wrap this is! Folks will keep popping into your bites even as you make this treat, lured by the aroma of paneer, and capsicum tossed in a spicy marinade. This all-time favourite wrap will never fail you. Delicious tangy and spicy mixture of cottage cheese rolled in pita bread is really a good Indian flavour wrapped in Continental Looks and Feel. DSC_0051

Momo wrap – An one more fusion wrap. Veg Momos, a Potli Shaped Steamed Dumpling Stuffed With Sauteed Mixed Vegetables, Is A Delicious Snack Food From Tibet. A new experiment all the way where Tibet meets Continental Wraps. A very simple and delectable try i must say which can change the way we eat momos. Soup is Gone but Wrap is On. DSC_0055

Mini Burger Platter – I would love to having these for Meatless Mondays. I’m a fairly proud meat eater, but once a week, I really would like to take a break and go full veg for the love for this pocket size Mini Burger packed a punch of flavour and taste. Mini-burgers, also termed as Slider in America, around two inches accross, served as nibbles or canapés. The secret ingredient here was quite a revelation to me, as I wasn’t expecting to like it at all. I find this stuff stays juicy and moist, and is great to have with.DSC_0061

Brownie Shake –  Just looking at the pictures again I already want another. The base is rich with chocolate flavor. The no-bake brownie bits melt into the shake seamlessly and get all fudgy and creamy and every bite seems better than the last.

The best part? It really is healthy enough to be breakfast. Sure, there’s a lot of sugar but it’s from all natural sources and there’s no gluten, dairy or unhealthy fats. See, told you it’s perfect for breakfast. But I love to had it anytime of the day ! Cheers!


Kitkat Shake – How do we get our daily coffee and chocolate fix all in one sip? With this incredibly irresistible Kit Kat and Coffee Milkshake, a creamy concoction that blends up the best of both worlds. Kit Kats are one of those things that taste even better when blended into a simple milkshake. The moment the drink passes your lips it will feel instantly nostalgic even if this is the first time you’ve ever tried it.DSC_0079
Cone Shake – This Caramel Waffle Cone Milkshake is the perfect sweet treat to celebrate any event.  Topped it with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel, and a big piece of waffle cone (I liked to eat them when they are all soggy!)DSC_0059

Hot Brownie with White Chocolate & Ice Cream –  Sizzling Chocolate Brownie with icecream – A unique and yummy dessert which is served with vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle of White chocolate over the top and few old school Gems have added colour to the preparation. An indulgent dessert indeed.
Assorted Molecular Ice Cream – Colourful, Unique, and Delicious!! Mini Melts is a unique molecular ice cream. A dream of an ice cream. It is a rapidly expanding international brand thats extremely successful in America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia and Asia. The Worlds Coldest Ice cream Mini Melts are delicious kernels of ice cream frozen at extremely cold temperatures. Mini Melts makes really delicious gourmet frozen desserts. A fresh and consistent product unique in the world of ice cream really made a positive impact in Kolkata atlast.



The little cozy cafe has a wide range of delicacies to offer and sometimes the place is so packed that one has to wait for their turn. . Service is good and prices are reasonable. You would definitely left with full stomach & ofcourse a good feel. As i write this i can feel the taste in my mouth. I truly loved it! It’s a must must try for everyone! I m sure coming back here for an one more amazing journey with Food !

Had a great time with our fellow foodies from Hyangla !!

Special Thanks to – 

○ Nishant Surana & Yash Kataria, Owner –  Mr. Wrappee,  for the invitation
○ Chef for providing us such a lovely experience of Fusion Food


For more Details –


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