A spicy Krafty Evening !!

This is a very renowned restaurant which is located just near Hazra Law College, Kolkata.
This is probably the best experimental cuisine restaurant I have ever visited in Kolkata. The chef has quite a lot experience in various cuisines of Continental Europe, Middle & Far East, and India. All you got to eat here is the outcome of successful experiments of those cuisines.

From the outside it looks like an usual Restro cum bar with an off shop by its side; but step inside, and prepare to be amazed. One thing I really love about this place is the hospitality. They treat you like a king.


When you get a break from your nine to five routine you ought to make the best utilization of it as I do all the time. Good food is the best reward I treat myself with as the satisfaction is linked to my soul. I believe that the key to ultimate happiness is not dieting but eating whatever your soul craves for .

This place is highly recommended if you are planning for a reunion party with your friends or if you are planning to surprise the love of your life.

From the chef coming down, suggesting you his signature dishes, to explaining each and every cocktail that we ordered. They believe in the entire experience of dining out- presentation, cleanliness, alert waiters, and heavenly food!

The items we had –

Cocktails –

Jet Fuel – Heavenly mix of Beer, VodkaDSC_0119

Kokum Rita – An exotic blend of freshly extracted Kokum Saar, Tiquila and chataka spices. Absolutely good cocktail based on tequila. Those who likes light cocktails must try it.DSC_0091
RDX Cocktail  – DSC_0095DSC_0098DSC_0099
The Terminator –

Cucumber Cooler – Summer Gift for lush cool cucumber , combined with lemonade, vodka & jalapenos.

Starters –

Beer Can Tempura Fish – Most sought after starter. Tempura fish fried in beer batter.

Dajaj Charmoula – The best of the lot. Four grilled chicken leg pieces to long for. Must try.DSC_0105DSC_0107
Fish – En – Papillote – Fish en Papillotte may sound fancy, but it’s an easy Paleo dish with fish and vegetables steamed in a sealed paper packet with aromatics and a tasty sauce.DSC_0122DSC_0124
Gushtaba – A delicacy of Kashmir. Minced mutton roundels cooked in Saffron rich Almond Cream.DSC_0133
Lobster Thermidor – Quite good. It comes with butter rice.DSC_0144
Lymnw Samak – Arabic styled Lemon Flavoured grilled fish DSC_0111
Moon Faan – A speciality dating back to The Ming dynasty of Fragrant rice, Chicken and Mushrooms DSC_0137

Schezwan Chicken – DSC_0135
Pudina Paratha – DSC_0131DSC_0132

Sheperds Pie – Two lamb pies comes with butter garlic breads. Though its a British classic, a Lasagna lover will always appreciate it. Must try.
Desserts –

Classic Monte Carlo – DSC_0156DSC_0158
Fried Ice Cream – DSC_0152

100% Jack Daniels & Barry Callebaut – DSC_0150

Hats off to the chef honestly:)

Every dish was rich in flavors, taste and colors. I think this is my favorite Restro henceforth.
Looking forward crack few more items in my next visit !!

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  1. Tandrima says:

    Wow pics….a must try very soon. Thanks for the information.


    1. Thanks for reading it out !!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. from Kolkata ?? Please ping me in Fb !!


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