Period Dining at Outstanding Oudh

“Wonderful food, Excellent service, Royal decor”

Who doesn’t know about Oudh ? This restaurant is on bucket list of each and every foodie. What a fantastic place, I wish I lived a little closer and could visit more often. The atmosphere of having dinner in Oudh 1590 was exotic. The Grand New Flagship Period Dining Experience opened its door at Southern Avenue.



Since it is a Period Dining Flagship property, so one expects an exemplary service. And that is same which we got, we were greeted very well and were escorted to our seats. The deco and the ambiance was exotic and had old world charm to it. I liked the music as well! Staffs were very helpful. It brings you the magical Indian atmosphere with enchanting Sound of Thumri in background.

Let’s discuss all dishes in details:

Badam Sarbat : KRI00574

Aam Panna : KRI00591

Gulab Sarbat : KRI00594

Galouti Kebab : KRI00486Wow!!! That’s the first reaction after a bite of one of the best Galouti kababs I have in Kolkata, what melt in the mouth masterpiece. Absolutely delicious and lavish dish.  These minced lamb kebabs are our go-to order and they come accompanied with Ulta Tawa Paratha. It is one of the more delicate kebabs from South Asia. Legend has it that the Galouti kebab was created for an aging Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow who lost his teeth, but not his passion for meat dishes. But I am sure that I would like to have it more, before I lose my Teeth !

Mahi Tikka : KRI00449This is a dish not to be missed.  It was prepared with juicy chunks of Kolkata Betki fish with yogurt, Mustard Oil and aromatic spices baked in Tandoor. Dig into brilliant, succulent chunks of fish! Smeared with masalas and cooked to perfection in a traditional Indian tandoor, these should crown the list of your quick bites.It was amazing in taste; a must recommended one.

Murgh Musallam : KRI00448

KRI00570It was the centrepiece of Avadhi lavishness. Murgh Musallam, to me, was always that vague, old-fashioned dish that everyone spoke of as a delicacy but no one quite knew how to cook. The Murgh Mussallam can be described as a perfect example of Persian flavors mixed with the Awadhi style of cooking. Murgh Mussallam is a whole, roasted chicken cooked in masala. The dish was popular among the royal families. It has also been described as the favourite dish of Muhammad bin Tughluq. Full chicken cooked in a Creamy Cashew and Almond paste gravy stuffed with dry fruits and eggs. Salivating ! Yeah ! The Murgh Musallam did not only have more stunning eye appeal it also tasted delicious. The chicken marinated for hours and then slow cooked on dumthe flesh was succulent and aromatised sublimely.

Murgh Pardah Biriyani : KRI00529KRI00566It was just that kind of a dish – prettiness itself, with infinite possibilities veiled by a naan-like covering.  That is where it gets its name – Parda, meaning curtain. It is Innovative & Unique Biriyani. It is regarded as one of the most popular recipe of Awadhi cuisine. No dining table is complete without presenting delicious and aromatic Murgh Pardah Biriyani. Chicken layered with house special spices cooked in ‘Dum Pukt’ style, most delectable Awadhi delicacy served in an earthen pot !

Raan Biriyani :  KRI00519KRI00563There is nothing subtle about this dish!  Unlike the milder pulao, these flavors are bold and spicy.  Like a diva that does not like to share the stage. shredded mutton from rack of lamb cooked with rice prepared in ‘Dum Pukt’ style, a true Royal Awadhi delicacy served in an earthen pot ! When the biryani arrived it looked enormous. A cloud of steam escaped permeating the air with a subtle fragrance of braised onion, basmati rice and rose water.The biryani was perfect. Everything you would expect. Lightly flavoured, mildly spicey, aromatic and not at all oily. 

Shahi Tukda : KRI00551Indian bread pudding with dry fruits, flavoured with Saffron. It was super scrumptious dessert. The Mughlai Dessert that fits for a king, queen and you. A  royal treat to taste buds at anytime.  Bread drowned in a cashew cream sauce infused with cardamom and sprinkled with nuts was really a perfect ending to the Royal Dinner.

Overall a must one to have it on your bucket list.

Excellent menu selection and I must say delectable cuisine. The food is lightly spiced with elegantly presented classics. All have been delicious, specially the Kebabs. Cooked flawlessly with the right quantity of spice. The food is as flavorful as ever, light and not excessively oily, highly creative, with colorful presentations and attentive service. They have maintained their highest standards here. Oudh 1590 provides you with an umpteen number of food options and for a comfortable Meal with Royal elegance.

Very recommended for dinner with group of people or may be couples.

Thanks Rusha Hazra for the invitation !
Thanks Sagittarius.Inc !!
Photography by Krishanu Chanda

A Great Dining Experience with Fellow Food Bloggers of Kolkata


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