Fascinating Feast Street

I don’t remember what we did last Wednesday morning (sleep, I think??) – my day started with lunch. And WHAT. A. LUNCH.

Great place for some quality, pocket friendly North Indian dishes,  located near Hindusthan park on Purna Das Road.

They say there are three things people remember about a Restaurant: the Food, the Ambiance, the Service. The majority seem to think that if there’s one thing you should splurge on when it comes to your Lunch or Dinner, it should be the food.

People will most likely talk about how well they were fed. Obviously, this doesn’t mean Restaurant Management should not take care of the later two.

The Feast Street is the best-Trending restaurant in Kolkata right now. It is magic.

Food – Ambiance – Service !!!  IMG-20170825-WA0022



This is the kind of meal that you travel for. It’s the kind of meal that completely kills conversation about anything other than the food, and how good it is, and how happy you are to be eating it. The kind of meal where you order for more even though you’re stuffed, because you can’t bear to miss a part of the experience. As we ate, I looked forward to each new course, the level of deliciousness was so consistent. I’ve never felt less guilty about spending so much time on a meal in a Blogger’s Meet where so many Customers were waiting in Que to have a meal. When we left, we were reeling.

Thanks Chitrasena Bhattacharjee, the owner for presenting us such amazing spread over meal. There was nothing we could have ask for more !

The Feast Street , is a quintessential North Indian food joint that looks to celebrate street food in all its glory. The reason we are such fans of North Indian food is that with its distinctly earthy aroma, spicy flavour and rich , creamy texture it is food at its delicious best. We don’t restrict ourselves to any particular genre though. From traditionally beautiful Kebabs to exotic Doner Kebab Rolls . from classic, lip-smacking Biryanis to raging fast food favourites like Wraps, The Feast Street looks to serve variety of sumptuous street food that is true to the essence of India. Because wherever we go, and whichever lifestyle we choose to settle in, when it comes to food, we will eternally be “Dil se Desi” . – Chitrasena Bhattacharjee, the Owner

We were a group of 5. We have been served with Coca Cola as we placed ourselves in Table No. 6. Thereafter comes the Magic Package.

Feast your eyes on some of these epic creations – 

Delhi Style Fried Tengri – 6 Pieces of Juicy Tengri for 5 of Us. Instantly skyrocketed to a place on my top list of best Fried Chicken I’ve ever eaten. (Yes, I keep track. Does anyone else do that?) It is the simply delicious chicken recipe inculcates the blend of onion paste, curd and the spicy masala mixture. Awesome and crispy Leg pieces of fried chicken Perfect Desi starter or appetizer.IMG-20170825-WA0024

POMFRET TANDOOR –  5 Jumbo Sized Pomfret for 5 of Us. Completely blissed out** These things are consciousness-erasing.  It is a delicious fish delight. Here the exotic flavors of spices all wrapped in the fish and then grill in the oven. Resulting really juicy and scrumptious grilled fish. Smoking Hotttttt !!!


ALU SUGANDHI  – 12 Pieces of Delights. Paneer(Cottage Cheese) and Aloo(Potato) are two of the most popular traditional staples in India. That photo right up there should be evidence enough. Paneer stuffed aloo is an unique combination of cottage cheese (paneer) and potatoes. Here, spicy mashed cottage cheese are stuffed into scooped potatoes along with Kaju paste with a strong flavour of Garam Masala..Pure Desi Delight…hmmm…delicious! 


AFGHANI CHICKEN – It is a royal dish, full of flavour and perfect for special occasions. Indian appetizer made of chicken in a rich creamy marinade made with cashew nut paste, cream, lemon juice, cheese and ginger-garlic paste, and then baked to perfection. The dish had a smoky and rich taste. IMG-20170825-WA0045

DAL MAKHANI – I think everyone loves Dal Makhani. It is soul food for many, and even carnivores who eat butter chicken will end their dinner with a little of this. The whole Urad dal and Red Kidney beans simmered in creamy gravy of butter, onion, tomatoes and spices with a liberal dose of cream is something to die for. A touch sweetness which made this dish more yummy ever ! Butter, spices and cream??? Oh!!! Did I hear some grumblings from my weight conscious friends?


MUTTON BHUNA – It is a classic Indian recipe. Mutton sauted in Onions, Tomatoes and a fine selection of Indian Herbs and Spices. It’s flavoursome, aromatic dish. Drooling piece of Mutton which I could not resist to pick from the dish, after having such huge spread of Appetizer. Delicious. It was my first curry and would be forever. The hung curd and the masalas got so well imbibed that they totally elevated Mutton to a whole new level. It went so well with Laccha Roti. 5 Side Dishes with 6 Roti.. O My Gosht !! One of our fellow Blogger (Sumana) was intend to go for a Long walk after such sumptuous Starters served. But not the Rest of Us !!


LACCHA ROTI –  The simplest of the day probably ! Yet such crunchy that, I ate 2 alone without thinking about others.  Dal Makhani, Mutton Bhua, Bhindi Zaiquedar, Butter Chicken were waiting for us to dive into and dig the best out of it. The  layered flat bread of India really helped us to create such flavorful layers into our tickling stomachs.


BUTTER CHICKEN DELHI STYLE – One can’t help but drool over a delicacy such as Butter Chicken, a Mughlai dish prepared by cooking Chargrilled Chicken Chunks in Makhani Gravy. What’s more interesting is that the popular dish has originated from our very own Capital Delhi. No wonder we adore it! The Butter Chicken was exceptionally delicious and a must try! teamed up beautifully with the soft and chewy Laccha Roti once again .IMG-20170825-WA0035

BHINDI ZAIQUEDAR  – This is one of my favourite veg dish. Very simple yet flavourful and goes very well as part of main meal. Bhindi zaiquedar means delicious Bhindi (Ladies Finger). Extravagant and in every sense truly zaiquedar. IMG-20170825-WA0040

MUTTON REZALA – This one here, is called Mutton Rezala, a traditional Mughal dish made known to us by a little family run joint in Calcutta called Sabir’s. After a long time I am having this once again. It was truly amazing to experience such Royal dish at The Feast Street. You have to think twice before you to name a dish which you would not be able to find here in menu. It is not too spicy, therefore, it engages the part of you that craves the taste of spices. the result is a heavenly soft feel of mutton in a sparse, but none the less rich and aromatic gravy which can easily slake any form of lust or gluttony!


GOSHT DEG BIRIYANI SPECIAL (2 Piece Alu, 2 Piece Mutton and 1 Egg) – I was fully stuffed by this point. Just have a thought, how much we have already consumed. Its probably the Magic. Sumana had decided to take a spoon out of 2 Special Biriyani served. Rest was on to us. Me was the first to complete the Biriyani of my portion. Arnab, Jaydeep and Suhadeep Sadhukhan were just followed me and had completed the Feast of Life I must say. No itroduction required to this Evergreen dish. Biryani is one of scrumptious dish that is highly appreciated among all age groups. IMG-20170825-WA0036

Highly recommended for dinner with group. Reservations must !

Special Thanks to –

○ Chitrasena Bhattacharjee, Owner – The Feast Street, for the invitation !!
○ Ritwika Banerjee – for being such lovey Host !
○ The Chef & The Feast Street Team – for providing us such a lovely experience of Desi Delights !!

A Life Time Experience with Fellow Food Bloggers of Munching Monks.

For More Details – https://www.facebook.com/thefeaststreet/

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