Aaheli te Ahllade Atkhana !!

Festive season is around the corner and what’s a better start than Durga Puja . The festive period is a foodie’s paradise with plenty of mouth-watering dishes to savour. People can be found sampling delicious Bengali dishes during Durga Puja . From snacks to sweet dishes, Bengali food has something to offer all food enthusiasts.
Aaheli, Authentic Bengali Cuisine Restaurant has come up with a huge array of Authentic Bengali dishes in this Festive Season !
You can avail these sumptuous section of delicacy from today (19.09.2017) onwards !

Nothing can be better than starting a Mahalaya with a Mahabhoj like this at our very own Aaheli, Authentic Bengali Cuisine Restaurant.
We #MunchinkMonks were invited by Soumi Sarkar
Thank you Madam so much !
Met her first time after she has started her second innings of her life recently!
Wish you a very Happy Durga Puja and very first with your dear One !
Chef Hafizur Rahaman as usual presented mouthwatering items ! It was pretty tough to choose from the drooling dishes available at our Food trial session at Blogger’s Meet !

I had to really concentrate on Fish items ! Probably for the first time in life I had over come the love for Mutton ! It was Fishy Affair all the way ! Mentioning few out of huge list of dishes !

Pur Bhora Vetki – Vetki fish roll crumbed and deep fry


Rui Macher Patishapta – Pancake Stuffed with Mashed Rohu and Spices


Polao Rajnandini – Zamidari style Pulao cooked with dry fruits, green peas and CauliflowerDSC_0212
Golda Chingrir Karsaji – Lobster cooked in Mustard GravyDSC_0215

Daab Chingrir Pelobota – Prawn delicacy cooked in Green Coconut ShellDSC_0232_

Dhumrogondhi Eilish – Boneless Smoked Hilsa cooked in MustardDSC_0197

Bhalo Laga Vetki Paturi – Vetki marinated with Mustard wrapped in Banana Leaf and steamedDSC_0249

Kanchalanka diye Murgi – Chunk of Chicken cooked with Green ChiliDSC_0229

Kasha Mangso – Muttoncooked in Thick Onion Tomato gravyDSC_0213

Jhinge Begun diye Illish er Jhol – DSC_0224

Aahelir Sandesh – Signature Sweet Dish of AaheliDSC_0230_

Rajbhog – Cottage Cheese dumplings simmered in thin sugar syrup (Gondhoraj Flavoured) DSC_0251


Wish you all the personnel from Aaheli, Authentic Bengali Cuisine Restaurant Subha Mahalaya and a happy Puja in Advance !!


Aaheli te Ahlade Atkhana !!

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