Rom A Kol @Afraa Creprie

A Little bit of Rom in Kol
At first, the food of Italy and India seems a world apart. But on closer inspection, there are some similarities, which is why India has found success in combining the two. In Italy, especially in the south, they use lots of spices, even though our cuisine is generally not considered spicy. Over the years, however, my taste buds and palate has developed. Now every time I go to Afraa Creperie I try to experience few signature dishes of all.
Greeted with refreshing Mojito. A relief in hot and humid weather !
DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0007DSC_0008DSC_0009Its a good initiative that they have taken to come up with an interesting menu to showcase some exclusive dishes putting up combinations of Rom and Kol. ❤️❤️❤️
Hurry Up, take a food ride to Rom keeping the essence of Bengali Roots
Only available till 31st October !!
Rom meet Kolkata with love for Food!


Papillotte of Local Veg, Cherry Tomatoes and Phirangee Broth – 


Achar gobindo bhog arancinni with arrabiatta aioli – DSC_0019


Rocket Salad with Grape Fruit, kamranga, bilati amra, nuts and our very own kasundi vinaigrette – DSC_0018
Smocked Fish Salad – Smoked Basa pilled over palong and lal saag with poached egg


Panch Phoron Potatoes – Deep fried potato roundelles with panch phoron batter, drizzled with chutneys and mint yogurt

Fritto Misto – Light and crispy fried shrimps, fish, squid with besan ajwain batter served with garlic kasundi mayonnaise
Layers of Kalo Jira Green chilli scented potatoes, asparagus, toasted almonds, gandharaj aioli – baked to perfectionDSC_0027



Spinach crepes  with ice cream, red cheddar, brocolli, panch phoron curry sauce, kasundi potato mash
Mushroom and haricot beans simmered in coconut mustard gravy, served with steam rice and guava kachumberDSC_0045

Tamarind kasundi fish coriander & chilli Tulai panji risotto with shredded potatoesDSC_0046
Loytta macher ravioli with shell fish reduction DSC_0040

Pan sheared Chicken breast wrapped with laal saag, chilli and Bandel cheese, served with Basanti gravy and aloo koraisuti makha DSC_0039
Lamb Kosha and coriander Tulai Panji Risotto DSC_0051


Chef’s special Tiramisu with mihidana caviar and shredded basil

Frozen dhani lonka chocolate nougat, Sundarbon madhu and guava black salt sorbet
Thanks Somnath Dutt for the invitation!
Thanks Swarup Chatterjee and Abhijit Dey for coming up with such wonderful culinary delicacies
We Munching Monks © are privileged to be part of such exclusive event ❤️❤️❤️
A special Mention for Crepe Monsoon at the end, Signature dish of Afraa Creprie

Afraa Creperie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

4 Comments Add yours

  1. shuvarup says:

    Simply wow ❤


  2. PRITHVIJIT Debnath says:

    Unique fusion items indeed. Need to be explored. Good review and excellent pictures.


    1. @PRITHVIJIT Debnath Thank you so Much Boss !! Din ta Bhalo Hoye Gelo !! it’s Long due !


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