LoveKallories at KFC

For meat lovers who want their burgers without buns, take a look at the KFC  Double Down, now available across India.

A double whammy of fallacy here:

How is “this stuff” defined?
Cheese?  Chicken? Put a levy on these? Butter too? A chicken mayo sandwich?

“No bun, all Meat”

Put that description on our tombstone, because this sandwich will almost definitely be the death of us. And also, it’s a really cool phrase.

Yes, you read that right. But I can repeat it if you are having trouble grasping the concept:

It’s a crispy hamburger patty, with a combination of wood fire and fajita sauce with veggies and cheese inside, it was a heavenly delight. The succulent pieces of chicken with crispy, crunchy flakes will make you go weak in the knees and tempt you for seconds. 

It’s fast food at its most glorious.

I am very impressed with their desire to inject as many calories into one menu item as possible.



I just had one for lunch, and now I feel like I need to sleep for few hours to simply digest the thing.

I’d probably do it again though.

Double Down is available across the stores only for 6 weeks.  Priced at INR 165/-, Double Down is available only for the next six weeks, across all KFC restaurants in India. You can also order online at or on a call at 33994444.

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