Dawat e Awadh, Ek Rangeen Saam

It is located at first floor of the famous Peerless Inn hotel at esplanade.

The Oceanic restaurant serves a huge variety of dishes from across the world, ensuring that no matter what your taste in food, you can find something that you love. Taste was remarkable.

Thanks to the great food and service offered by Oceanic.
The staff is very helpful and courteous.

The costing of per person for this buffet is rs 1299 plus taxes.

Awadhi cuisine has its origin in the city of Awadh (now Lucknow). Awadh, the long forgotten kingdom, whose memory now exists in books, has always been famous for its fabulous cuisine. Tempered by the Mughals, sculpted by the brijwasis and crafted by the Nawabs, the Royal spirit is piquantly palpable in the archetypal dishes from the Awadh.

Emanating from Thandai, the tantalizing aroma whets one’s appetite for the whole range of shorbas and kebabs – the starters.

The Peerless Inn, Kolkata brings the Awadhi Delicacy cooking which includes an array of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes for the people of city of Joy. It is traditionally served during weddings and festivals  We were lucky enough to taste this extravagant display of culinary excellence at Oceanic, Peerless Inn,Kolkata and I must say it was a meal to remember for a life time.It definitely reflects when things are done thoughtfully and adequate time and knowledge invested in bringing out the best.  Keeping the tourist in count a few numbers of Chinese Dishes have been kept to take keep the Orthodox thought out of the Box.

We were part of their Dawat e Awadh festival launch which is taking place at Oceanic from 27th October 2017 to 5th November 2017. Only 6 Days left. Step in and have some delicious Awadhi Dishes at the Heart of the City !

The Spread  – 

Cooler :


Mixed Fruit GholDSC_0216DSC_0219

Salads :


Dahi VadaDSC_0221
Plain CurdDSC_0223
Curd Rice DSC_0225
Cauliflower MayoDSC_0231
Mixed Fruit Kasundi DSC_0234
Carrot & Beans
Egg Julian DSC_0247
Chicken Mango DSC_0220
Fuchkas (Panipuri) Counter DSC_0191DSC_0192DSC_0193DSC_0194DSC_0195DSC_0196DSC_0197DSC_0198DSC_0199DSC_0200DSC_0201DSC_0202DSC_0203DSC_0204DSC_0205DSC_0206DSC_0208
Live Tawa Counters serving KebabsDSC_0261DSC_0262DSC_0263


Mains :
Steamed RiceDSC_0259
Assorted PapadDSC_0257DSC_0265DSC_0266
Sultani DalDSC_0267
Chilli Basil Noodles DSC_0270
Three Treasure Vegetables DSC_0273
Mexican Vegetables DSC_0274
Subji Kofta In Palak Gravy
Khoya Mutter Makhana DSC_0279
Paneer Khara Masala DSC_0282
Dom Aloo Lucknawi
Prawn Ball In Hot Garlic Sauce DSC_0285
Poached Fish Ball In Tomato Basil SauceDSC_0293
Badami Murgh DSC_0289
Awadhi Fish Curry DSC_0295
Vegetable Biryani DSC_0299
Gobi Salan DSC_0301
Lucknowi Mutton Biryani DSC_0303
Raita (Curd containing spices) DSC_0297

Desserts :
Swiss Roll DSC_0186DSC_0178
Lemon Tart DSC_0184
Honey Yoghurt Mousse DSC_0181
Sweet Card  DSC_0174
Balusahi DSC_0167
Rosogolla DSC_0166
Honey Ginger Pudding  DSC_0187
Chaler Payesh
Black Forest Cake DSC_0172

Thanks @Soumi Sarkar and The Peerless Management  for inviting us !

Oceanic - The Peerless Inn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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