Mesmerizing M-Terrasse

Don’t you live on the top floors of a high-rise in Sec V and miss having a garden for that weekend BBQ, let alone your very own pool for that wet & wild birthday celebration? I know the feeling !

Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome, if you could throw an exclusive pool party nonetheless? Guess what, M-Terrasse will make it happen for you.

4 Star Monotel has come out with their newest Roof Top M-Terrasse. You can now rent the hotel’s entire roof top, including pool and service for your own private use. Get your party started with guests. 

It was yesterday ! 3rd November, 2017.IMG_20171103_182055IMG_20171103_182100

Fortunately it was my B’day too !! It could not have been more pleasant to share Birthday with Some prime properties around Kolkata like Park, JW Marriott etc. (Correct me if I am wrong) M-Terrasse also has chosen same date to start their Journey !

We Munching Monks were invited for the launch party !

Thanks Harjot Singh and Monotel Management for the invitation !

Hospitality and Arrangements !! Awesome !! DSC_0021



Chef Chaitanya Banerjee has made a Cake for Me !! I had celebrated my Birthday Evening there Only !


Drinks and Dinner was on the card along with Cake Mixing Ceremony at Palacia III



Perfect ambiance for Celebrating Bday !!

Certainly a Memorable one !

With presence of the Rockers of Munching Monks it was a paradise indeed !

The Long List of Gifts from Munching Monks …DSC_0089

Fall winter, Cool evening, Chilling Pool and Hot pegs !!

9 th floor Roof Top !!

Now, comes to property again.

Pool packages can be tailored to your wishes in terms of culinary treats and beverage offerings, depending on whether you care for Canapés and cocktails, or would rather offer a hearty buffet to feed your friends.

This rooftop venue offers views of the city along with an attractive, skyscrapers of sec V. Magnificent View !

*Bistro Seating with Live Kitchen across & Back Drop of Pool.
*Live Bar’B’Que & Tandoori Kebabs on Offer.
*Varities of Sizzlers to Tantalize Every Taste Bud.
*Exclusive Venue Booking to Celebrate Special Days/Events.
*Live Interactive Kitchen Tailors individual Dish to Taste.
*Perfect Evening Get Away from Corporate Hectic Schedules.

With the venue to yourself and a pool to keep things cool, your party will be one to remember.

Picture Courtesy Mainak Saha !


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