India Restaurant – the Biriyani delicacy

India Restaurant is a humble joint on Khidderpore that serves some delicious variety of North Indian cuisine. The ambience is having a Mughlai feeling at it.


KRI05319KRI05325KRI05329KRI05335KRI05339KRI05345From the very entrance it provides you a whole new experience of Dining in Khidderpore. It has gone through a huge transformation. Very spacious, clean and live like king size interior. A heaven for foodie especially Biriyani and kebab lovers.

15267997_699542676879240_2177156201333531967_n15317794_699541070212734_8992930524210347109_n15337405_699542366879271_8743430550801353579_n15390710_699542026879305_2732747620882861571_n15401148_699550216878486_6884617358258795573_nThe menu consists of a variety of Indian, Arabic, and Mughlai delicacies. They offer a variety of parathas and kulchas to go with their variety of gravies. Dariabadi and Awadhi Biriyani ….best of the lot they serve.

A few Shakes and Mojito in the beginning will take you to the comfort zone ! DSC_2936DSC_2937DSC_2938KRI04992KRI04997KRI05002KRI05028

The Dishes We Had –

Chicken Cheese Kebab – We had started our lunch with mouth meting Chicken Cheese Kebab (Boneless chicken marinated with Cheese, Hurbs and Hung Card). A soft tender Kebab was really a great start for Lunch yesterday.


Honey Fish – KRI05076KRI05095

Pineapple Tandoori – KRI05024KRI05043

Mutton Galawti Kebab – It was followed with Mutton Galawti Kebab (Minced Mutton Kebab cooked in Lucknowi Style). Awesomely delicious it was that tasted great with Lucknowi Parantha.



Mutton Barra Kebab – DSC_2957DSC_2959

Murgh Musallam – DSC_0151DSC_0177

Chicken Afgani – No Look back from there until the hunger line meets my satisfaction bar. An add on Ornamentation was done with a beautifully made side dish of Chicken Afgani (Julien pieces of chicken mixed with cashew nut, onion, a bit of capsicum and special herbs). 


Mutton Awadhi Biriyani – With all love they served us Mutton Awadhi Biriyani made with Aromatic Basmati Rice (very long grain), with four pieces of Mutton, mixed with special spices. It was served in clay pot and with a bowl of Raita with it. With the opening of the lid a Dream Flavour comes out of the Pot. Tough to resist. The Charismatic Aroma of Awadhi Biriyani of India Restaurant took my breath away. The first spoon of Biriyani with well cooked Mutton was enough to take the ride on the right track to the journey of Lunch. DSC_0185DSC_0188DSC_0189DSC_0193

Daryabadi Biryani –KRI05178KRI05189

Mutton Special Biryani –  DSC_0059

I am waiting for a visit once again to have it specially. The best part of the Restaurant is their Hospitality.It is very clean inside this outlet and you’ll fell very fresh. Stuffs are very polite and humble. They always behave with us like a friend. They ask for our second order.They are very serious about their customer services and its best when its managed by Mr. Vicky Chen.

I would like to recommend you that if you are looking for a good and delicious biriyani restaurant in Kolkata its time to go to India Restaurant and take a Food Ride. 

For more detail :

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