The Party Code of Urban

Hands up all you Party Ladies fans! What, no one coming clean?


Urban’s nightlife spills over into its Cocktail gardens during the long, light Calcutta Winter nights.

Let’s take a Walk on the Wild Side !!

Join Us !!_DSC8352

If you prefer to be seen luxuriating in an elegant lounge, then swing by Urban Kitchen & Bar, Hotel Holiday Inn, on Thursdays. The sleek decor and easy-listening soundtrack exude sophistication – perfect for after-work tipples. Calling all the ladies of the town for free Ramachri & Brambhachari shots on the house & free flow of cocktails & Breezers unlimited for the Divas of the town where D. J Merlin take over the console the lasers roles on the dance floor in Urban !!



Usually people like lounge filled with special decorations or an ambience. On the other hand there are so many places which went definitely too far with it and because of that it’s hard to relax or have a nice time there. That is why we think that in Kolkata we actually need more simple places. And belive me,  I say SIMPLE as a compliment and that is how it is in Urban, Kitchen & Bar. You can find here lots of spaces, easy decor with modern images on the wall and various and comfortable seats. Might be not that ideal for a lounge but it is definitely a perfect spot to take a back seat and chill with friends.

Usually we don’t write much about the cocktails but this time will be different. All of them (al least all that we tried) were so incredibly good you have to visit Urban, Kitchen & Bar at least for a drink if you are not hungry!

Rumachari shots – Rum with Pickle to tickle your tastebuds’ tonight
Brahmachari shots – Fresh Brahmi Leaves muddled with Star Anise, apple juice and Bacardi.


Test tube shots by Satrtender Julian – DSC_0416DSC_0444
Startender special cocktail served in JG style – _DSC8429

Unlimited Shots for Ladies –


Holiday Inn Special  – _DSC8347

Silk Stockings – Rum, Pineapple & grenadine gives you a silky effect from Lips to Legs. A real sensuous one. Served in J.G. style.



Enjoy Unlimited complimentary Shots and Cocktails from 8 pm onwards.

Unwind with tantalizing grills and choicest international platter. Intrigued by the range of dishes served here we decided to try many other things as well. And we do agree about the Non Veg Kabab Platter that it’s very good, Platter which gives you the opportunity to try a few different ones but it’s actually Brazilian Churrasco which blowned us away! If you are a meat lovers you just can’t leave without trying this !

🍁Non veg Brazilian Churrasco


🍁Non vegetarian kebab platter


Enliven your spirit with with innovative cocktails and beverages after a long day and let the good time roll at Urban, Kitchen & Bar.


This place makes the assured promise that it will offer “the freshest take on Food and cocktails that Kolkata has seen in recent years.”

They were lovely presented, tasty and we cannot say anything bad about them. It was just impossible to impress us more than we already were 🙂

Its arrived !! The latest destination of Town !!
Enjoy the very First Exclusive Look of the Urban !!

Enjoy the very First Exclusive Detailed Look of the Urban !!

Thanks Suman Chakraborty for the invitation !!
Thanks Samir Rai for the hospitality !!
Thanks Julian Gomes for serving some sexy cocktails !!

 — with Nivrity DasEsita Mitra,Subhalaxmi NathTanushree KhushiPinkii Roy andMerlin Gomes 

Captured By Arnab Ganguly

© All Rights Reserved By The Foodinista &Arnab Ganguly
**Images may not be copied, printed or distributed without express written permission of The Foodinista and Arnab Ganguly

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