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India’s street food scene has made great strides over the last couple of years. It would be interesting to know what The Feast Street, Lake Gardens founders make of this street food explosion, for they’ve been serving up delicious, authentic Desi Street food on the table from their new outlet at The Feast Street, Lake Gardens.

Unfussy, fresh and simple, with bold spicing and a notable lack of artificial colours and flavours, their ever-changing menu rewards regular lunchtime visits.

For a more authentic Desi street food experience, Non Veg is the side of their menu that you should concentrate on.

There are various meal deals and combinations available, homemade soft drinks to wash down your curry, and plenty of snacks or Kababs for those who don’t fancy getting stuck into a full plate of curry and accompanying Biriyani.

Even a veritable feast won’t make a massive dent in the wallet, making The Feast Street an essential destination.

Naya Sal Naya Menu..

Get Ready yourself into the tune of Desi Jhatkas with Delicious Kababs and Tengris 

Gather and Feast !!

Located just near to Lord’s Crossing, Ground floor to the Bandhan Bank Branch !!

Beverages: Tried three coolers. (Newly launched)
Green apple mojito – DSC_0141
Strawberry mojito – DSC_0174
blue lagoon – DSC_0188

Afghani Raan (newly launched) – DSC_0136DSC_0137
Husanabadi boti – DSC_0133
Hazar-wi-murgh tikka – DSC_0128
Mutton Sikumpuri (newly launched) –DSC_0177
Zeenat-e-Aab – DSC_0163
Bharwan Tangri – DSC_0154


Tamacha: A desi version of salsa DSC_0157
Aamchi: Sweet & tangy mango chutney DSC_0156
Imchi: Tangy & Spicy tamarind chutney DSC_0158
Pudina Chutney:  Mint & curd Desi chutney DSC_0159

Murgh Deg Biryani (Special) – DSC_0237DSC_0241

Gosht Deg Biryani (Special) – DSC_0217

Side Dishes:

Dal Makhani – DSC_0222
Butter Chicken – DSC_0208
Afghani Murgh – DSC_0209


Laccha Roti DSC_0192
Butter naan – DSC_0196
Lassoni Naan – DSC_0229
Pudina Rumali – DSC_0227


Gajar ka halwa – LRM_EXPORT_20180115_205721
Moong dal ka halwa – LRM_EXPORT_20180115_205207

Thanks Chitrasena Bhattacharjee
Ritwika Banerjee Ranju K Mohan Somnath Dasgupta Ankush Mukherjee for the invitation.


We Munching Monks are privileged to done the first exclusive coverage of your Outlet !!

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