Mixology with Veteran Shadbhi Basu

It was a Sudden Walk In to The Orient-CCSL at City Centre 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Veteran Mixologist Basu Shatbhi was present to serving us with so many delightful drinks.

Hand of God ! Remembered ?

Yes , the controversial Goal by Legend !

Today probably , this phrase HAND OF GOD owned by this Veteran Mixologist ! I have been served 5 cocktails made by Her ! First it was Dragon’s Lair along with some crunch Prawn Tempura. Perfectly timed and tuned to set the course for rest of the evening !

From there no turning back !

Rest all have been served over the counter. Mixed, Made and presented by HAND OF GOD !

Kafir lime base with White rum was my choice for the second drinks for me ! Two different poles almost !
The sensual kafir lime flavour adorably mixed and made with perfection ! Presentation. Is beautiful as always !

Full house ! DJ was playing all international tracks from Classic to Rock ! From Pop to Dance Numbers !

I don’t think there was a single person who was not shaking his or her mind to the tune of music and romancing with tantalizing mixing of Fascinating flavours.

Sweet Devil was there !
Really never thought Devil can be so sweet and soothing !
Another presentation over the country to bring out the devil out of you probably at after party session .

Then I asked her to go with her choice of base but white rum should remain the main course for the evening ! Watermelon was the new sexy sanorita to romancing Raj ( Watermelon ) and it was just Wow ! Went to roof top ..enjoyed the drinks with some pork noodles with spice Sauce !

Live Oriental counter . Totally customised .

Sauted Pork dish in one hand and sexy Watermelon in other !
Mixology at its best !

It was time to step ahead and continue to experience Friday Fantasy at such Event !

I did not remembered the last name of the cocktail ! Pineapple juice with white rum and star anise on the top !
Cool and casual ! Most comfortable one of the lot !

Few shots in between was acting like stop gap where all the cocktails we’re playing the role of main fiddle !

Thanks Somnath Dutt for taking me along and a sudden surprise event in the pre Puja month !

What can I expect more?
But no another surprise was on the card !

Selfie with Parambrata Chattopadhyay !

Probably did something good yesterday !
A fascinating Friday before weekend takes a head start !

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