The Streak Factory with X Factor

A fantastic setting, low lighting, oval shaped arena and very intimate once your eyes have adjusted. The place is really quirky and I loved the entrance and lack of signage. Added to the appeal.

The interior was pretty dark but added to the ambience.

A pleasant and timely welcoming, with a large area to cater guests if you happen to be the first one of your party.

Tables are well spaced although on the border of close together, service is swift and well-informed.

Steak we had was cooked to perfection and their wine list is quiet rich.

The food was of exemplary quality.

New Year and a New Outlet..

Congrats Rohan Chanda

Get Ready yourself into the tune of Rocking Music with Delicious Steaks and Ribs 

The Exclusive Menu for today –

Factory Mixed Grill Sizzler – This Factory Mixed Grill Sizzler calls for lamb chops, chicken, pork and vegetables, giving you lots of variation in one platter. Sunny-side-up egg and french fries are the perfect add on to this heavyweight grilled sizzler. DSC_0151
Bacon wrapped Prawns –  These bacon wrapped prawns appetizers are sure to impress your taste bud. You just can’t have one. Glazed with maple syrup and BBQ sauce is kinda ridiculously good.DSC_0154

Pizza Flambe –  Flambé is a French word that means “flame,” and it refers to the wonderful culinary act of adding alcohol to your food and lighting it on fire.  It comes  with delicious sauce, cheese, assorted vegetables and BBQ chicken and pepperoni as a thin crust BBQ  chicken Pizza. What makes it unique is that staff will heat up the Old Monk and flambé it right in front of you.DSC_0158


Spaghetti Carbonara – Everyone loves this classic Italian dish typically made with bacon, eggs, and cheese. Already sounding delicious … Right ?? It was extremely Yummy. It can make your eyes roll back in your head with pleasure. Satisfaction guaranteed. DSC_0133

Factory Monster Burger – Monster Burger was huge. Much bigger than I was expecting. The one of most amazing patty I’ve ever tasted, they were so moist and marinated to perfection! DSC_0149

Pork Ribs – DSC_0135
Ham Steak – DSC_0150
Pork Chop – DSC_0140

Kingfisher Premium Tower –IMG_8330


Gather and Steak up your life !!

Located beside Nazrul Tirtha First floor to the Building !!

Thanks Rohan Chanda for the invitation.


We Munching Monks are privileged to done the first exclusive coverage of your Brand New Outlet !!

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