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Beer Republic is very Hip and Trendy brewery nestled on a cosy, inconspicuous, Kolkata street! The cool industrial type decor is sweet and comfortable. Couches line the wall and community tables invite you to mingle and make new friends!DSC_0077DSC_0080DSC_0085DSC_0102DSC_0104DSC_0111DSC_0119

The brewery itself is pretty spacious, but it does get pretty packed on the weekends so finding an open table or seating might be an issue.  It has a more comfortable decor and environment.

I think one of the biggest appeals here is the number of different craft beers that they have on tap.  They always have frequent changes to their menu so it is difficult to keep track.  My personal favorites are always their Blonde here, but I would highly recommend sampling them to see which one is your favorite.  The beer here is consistently good, sometimes great. They are constantly changing out the styles and introducing limited run beers on tap. They always have something on tap for every pallet.

The bartenders are always happy to give recommendations and talk about the new beers on tap.

We had –

Beer Republic LIT  –  Though  the name of this classic cocktail is misleading, this iconic summertime classic is certainly an all time favorite,  has loaded with booze. Vodka, tequila, light rum, gin, triple sec and lemon juice. Do you need anything more ? Lets have some drinks !!

Scott Paradise – Don’t think of this as punch, think of it as a bottomless vodka-strawberry spritzer. Doesn’t that sound like something you’ve always wanted? Fizzy and sweet, with some spicy feel this punch variant goes down easy. And, really a true paradise for cocktail lovers ! Lots of strawberries absolutely perfect when you want to give your guests something to warm up both body and soul.DSC_0134DSC_0125
Watermelon Keg – A watermelon keg makes a great addition to parties ! “It really feels like summer!” Watermelon smoothie punched with Vodka !! and lots of diced Coconuts in it !  A pretty heavy cocktail ! DSC_0157DSC_0162

Draught Beer (Blondee & Republic) – The blondee one is smooth and light bodied specially Wheat ale beer, with a heavenly head. Brewed using exotic strains of molted Wheat and Hops. A deeper golden colour and Low hop bitterness.

The Republic one is much more Premium quality. A premium lager, crispy and sweet with a punchy head, brewed using European Red Malts and Hops. Aroma and taste of typical light lager biscuit malts and light grassy hops, but a touch of that same raw maltiness.


Non Veg Kebab Platter –  A drooling platter combined of  Chicken Tikka, Chicken Malai Kebab, Chicken Tengri Kebab, Ajwani Fish Tikka and Tandoori Prawns. Who is the showstopper here ? From the serving point that you start to salivate, almost instantly. You’ll have to agree that a lovely platter of juicy kebabs is a great crowd pleaser.DSC_0218

Bombay Pizza – DSC_0225

Yum – DSC_0215

Nam Tok – DSC_0227

Great atmosphere and vibe.

Great selection of beers.

Newly Introduced Cocktails.

Newly added Thai Menu !

Great place to hangout and chill.

Staff are friendly and competent.

Indoor is very spacious, clean, well lit and trendy interior design.

Prices are relatively fair.
They have happy hour. Longest in Town. 11 am – 8 pm

I highly recommend to grab a beer and have a good time.

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