Rosenberg – The Rose without Thorn

This is an amazing hole in the wall kind of place (which are always the best). Small place, but by far the best Chinese in Ultadanga area and can easily can give run for their money to renowned Chinese Restaurants. The portions are huge and they feed my family of six with leftovers for the best day.Food is cooked as you order so it’s freshly cooked and very tasty. Plus the food’s really good and reasonably priced plus the serving portion is huge and mostly meat rather than a lot fillings! Amazing experience with this restaurant! Friendly staff who are always in a good mood! DSC_0162DSC_0163DSC_0164DSC_0166DSC_0167DSC_0169DSC_0172DSC_0174

Honestly this is exactly what I expect from a family owned restaurant.

Relaxed vibe, good food. Definitely one of my favorite holes in the wall.

We had –

👉🏻Steamed Momo – Momos have been served with saucy dips (chilli-garlic-tomato, basically very hot & spicy) and soup. This is one of the most popular street foods in West Bengal. I have not seen such a large momo in recent times with adequate filling in it. Momos were perfectly steamed and tender. Absolutely delicious snacks filled with flavor packed chicken filling. DSC_0213DSC_0215

👉🏻Schezwan Octopus – Seafood is a central part of Korean culture, and Dried Schezwan Octopus can be a snack on its own or as part of a recipe for lunch or dinner.  Here’s something for the real seafood gourmets. The pieces are quite thin, and they have a satisfying crunch and light-but-not-overwhelming fishy taste. The food’s surface, locking in flavour and moisture and it adds appealing crunch, colour and aroma.DSC_0206DSC_0207

👉🏻Green pepper chicken –  Juicy, flavorful roasted pepper chicken \seasoned with herbs & spices and roasted celery and green onions. Pepper plays a major role in providing the hot taste needed and tastes yummy and leave you wanting for more. DSC_0200DSC_0205

👉🏻Prawn Oyster – Prawn Oyster Sauce is a seafood dish made with Prawm ed in a rich and flavorful oyster sauce for finger licking goodness. Oyster sauce gives prawns a big punching hit. DSC_0194

👉🏻Mixed Coriander Fried Rice – Raise your hand if you like fried rice!  Coriander leaves added a unique freshness to this delicious fried rice. After all these years of epicurean journey , it is still my favourite go-to fried rice . DSC_0186

👉🏻Honey Glaze Noodles – This a lovely drooling desserts which will just melt in your mouth and  crispy fried noodles drizzled with honey is a hot and cold combination when served with a nice dollop of vanilla ice-cream along with chocolate sauce on top. Need it now ?? Me too !! Missing it from the core of my Heart !! DSC_0189

Soooooo much food! We had leftovers, and I did not think twice to parcel it

I cant express in words about the flavour that came with the Schezwan Octopus, but it’ll change your life!

Great consistency and flavor!

Great restaurant for cheap and simple Asian fare. They serve you immediately and we’re super friendly. You feel at home when you first step in.  Clean, great customer service. Great food.

Their food service was extremely fast and attentive, but not annoyingly so. I’m happy to have found a yummy joint near my house.

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