Kolkata Market by Karen Anand in association with T2 Telegraph

Immersed ourselves in the most beautiful outdoor market in Kolkata, taken place last sunday at @Hyatt Regency,Kokata


Kolkata Market by Karen Anand boasts VENDOR STALLS, selling carefully selected products that are LOCAL, ARTISANAL, DELICIOUS!


They have brought together both new and experienced marketeers and award-winning chefs, absolutely passionate about their products and specialists in their field. True to the tradition of Community Markets, they love to have a chat with their customers, getting to know you all and are very happy to inform you of exactly where your food comes from.

From its inception the Karen Anand’s Farmers Market has valued local artisans, small business owners, farmers, artists and musicians and the value that they add to our vibrant community.

Slowly amd steadily they are strengthening and encouraging the entrepreneur and supporting all that is both local and lekker.

Thanks Sasha Anand for having us at your prestigious Market Place !

Thanks Karen Anand for sharing us Kodak Moments in Frame !! PRI_0186PRI_0296PRI_0298

Thanks Afraa Delli Soumyajit Chowdhury Kabita Maity for their Kiosk ! We had bought some lovely Brownies, Dhokla and Sausages from their kiosk !! PRI_0253PRI_0262



Thanks Arab Khan for serving us delicious Koftas and Biriyani from his house of Kofta Queens


Thanks Zomato Kolkata Rohit Jain for hosting beer challenge !! Our challenge is still Due !! Thanks for the Coupon and Mug !PRI_0367PRI_0533

Thanks Maitreya Sen for the hospitality !PRI_0449

Thanks Washington Apples – India for the cooking workshop !


Thanks The Telegraph-t2 for the association !

Team #MunchingMonks wish you all the best for the next year and congratulate you for the show you have put on this year !!

Thanks Pritam Biswas for the click !

Had wonderful time with my Monks Chandni Chakraborty Akash SamantaSomnath Sinha Subhalaxmi Nath Ritwika Mitra Adrita Banerjee Mahfuza Khatun Pinkii Roy Tiash Das Anwesha Saha Sumana Mandal Mohit Kejriwal


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  1. Jheelam says:

    It seems such a fun event. The pictures are quite nice.


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