Celebrate Easter with Mio Amore

The festival of rejuvenation of life and living has arrived !!

Beautiful Mio Amore shops all around Kolkata with amazing creations all demanding a look. Deciding on what to choose is a really tough call. It offers wide varieties of delicious cakes, chocolates, cookies, goodies, confectioneries and pastries etc.

We 80 born people is heavily engaged with this brand for long term.

Every now and then adding various items in product list is just adding feathers to the crown of Mio Amore.

Special items for Easter have been  arrived at Mio Amore.

Easter Themed Cupcakes(₹ 25) – These Easter Egg Cupcakes are delicious and festive treat to add to your holiday table this season. A moist chocolate cupcake topped with buttercream and colorful topped with edible Marzipan Eggs. It’s available till Easter(1st Apr)DSC_0200

Carrot Cup Cake (₹ 25) – Vanilla flavoured muffin with carrot bits and raisins. It is classic, simple, delicious vanilla muffin, creative muffin, inspired by this festive season. It’s available till Easter(1st Apr)


Choco Muffin (₹ 25) –  Chocolate base, Choco cream topped with edible Duckling made of Milk Solids (Mango Flavour) It’s available till Easter(1st Apr)


Easter Egg Burger(₹ 30) – If you’re going through the trouble of hiding Easter eggs, then you should at least make them worth finding. A simple twist on the classic burger, substituting the patty for a couple of eggs. It’s available till Easter(1st Apr)DSC_0190

Easter Egg Cake (Easter Celebration Cake)  – (₹ 300/-) for 1 Pound –  Whether you’re looking for a simple cake or one with dramatic layers or next-level garnishes, Mio Amore got you covered Chocolate Sponge Cake with Chocolate Ganache, butterscotch chips and topped with edible Marzipan Eggs. It’s available till Easter(1st Apr)DSC_0205


A box of Cookies (Vanilla) – (₹ 55/- for 200 gm) – These basic butter biscuits are versatile and tasty. Vanilla Cookies are a favorite anytime treat weather you choose to decorate them or eat them just as is with a cup of tea.DSC_0210

Chicken Claws(₹ 40) – Chicken chunks inside bread, topped with capsicum, onion,tomato sauce, mayonnaise, sprinkled with black pepper, mixed herbs & bell pepper.DSC_0187DSC_0189

Cheese Corn Roll(₹ 20) – Puff filled with corn, paneer, green peas, onion, ginger with a bit of cheese, butter & pepper.DSC_0183DSC_0184

Chicken Claws & Cheese Corn Roll, Earlier Weekend Special, due to good feedback these have have been permanent items in the Menu List of Mio Amore effective from 28.03.2018

Presentation of the Easter specials are of top notch. Keeping the mass attraction and affordability,  Mio Amore was always the first choice to go and will remain same.

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