Ebela Obela – Unexpected Oasis

Came across Kolkata street on the way of daily life and often decided to give try to to different restaurants, almost all in my last 10 – 12 years of Life . My cousin brother  suggested we try out an authentic place so we ordered. Yes this is Home based Bengali food delivery joint which seems to be give a hard time to the established branded ones in the city.

Fellow bong foodies ahoy! I’m salivating as I write about their delicious dishes. The perfect solace for Bengalis, this place will impress you with their perfectly cooked some of the most essential Bong meals.

Wanted to have lunch with a group of friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. We wanted somewhere intimate yet laid back. And this was just it.

The packaging is not fancy, but a very basic open, eat and leave affair. However, when you leave, you will do so a very satisfied customer.

Very glad we did ordered.  Could happily go back for order and fill up the tummy ! Pricing wise was very pocket friendly compared with most of the independent restaurants. Enormous portions, great value! My only negative is that I don’t live closer to Garia !

Aloo Bhaja – Crisp, golden, Bengali potato fries. Thin grated potato strips are deep fried and they are very crunchy.DSC_0448
Moong Dal – Moong dal is one of the best vegetarian superfoods. An integral part of the Indian diet, meant to be a simple everyday Indian meal with rice and chapati, or a side dish as part of a larger meal. DSC_0430
Chicken Leg Piece Kosa –  It is a typical Bengali dish. Succulent chicken leg pieces. Sinfully caramelised onion. The perfume of ginger. Just a hint of cardamom. Redolent of the streets of Kolkata. At any point it will not make u think twice from having another bite !DSC_0474
Notun Rupe Dimer Korma –  Egg Korma or Dimer Korma is a very popular and traditional dish in our country. It is not spicy, but is rather sweet and milky with a creamy texture with presence fresh coconut milk.DSC_0427
Dim Kosa – One of the most satisfying Bengali style Egg Curry. Dim er Kosha is spicier and tastier than regular Dimer Jhol.DSC_0416
Morog Polao – DSC_0510
Basanti Polao – DSC_0131
Rice – DSC_0447
Chicken La-jabab Roast – DSC_0470


Mutton Kosa – DSC_0482

Murighonto – DSC_0434

Malai Chingri – DSC_0499

Khichuri – DSC_0439.JPG

Chatni – DSC_0465



Tetooler Chatni DSC_0464

Just mesmerized to the variety of food options available.

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