From the House of Bhikharam, Kankurgachi

Fascinating Foodie adore Bhikharam Chandmal’s take on traditional Indian sweets (mithai) so whenever they are in the vicinity they head for Kankurgachi.

I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that the freshest and therefore tastiest and biggest range of Bhikharam Chandmal’s sweets is only available at Kankurgachi and an increasing number of wholly owned Bhikharam Chandmal’s store and if you are familiar with Bhikharam Chandmal sweets I am sure you will agree too.

When you visit Bhikharam Chandmal, Kankurgachi you’ll immediately notice the modern, well-lit and spotlessly clean fixture and fittings but your eyes will go straight to the display of bewildering and brightly coloured delicacies in all shapes and sizes simply begging to be eaten!

I recommend the following to get you started: Gulabpatti Sandesh, Rajbhog, Keshar Malai Chamcham, Chhena Toast, Rosogolla, Parwal, Badam Chocolate, Kaju Tarbuz, Dilkhusal, Moti Pak, Malai Roll, Kesar Peda and all the laddoos.

You can also choose an appropriate pastries of your choice and birthday or celebration cakes available in wide range.

A fantastic choice of delicious Indian sweets, freshly made, or in packs, as well as fresh veggie pokhoras of onion, aubergine or potatoes. Good service in very clean, pleasant
surroundings, where you can also have a cup of lassi or badam pista milk.


If it’s a Diwali or nEid treat or an extra Xmas prezzie you are after, go early, it’s popular, and may have a short queue.


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