Petukk – The Unchained Savoury

With the appetite for dining out taking a downward course as people increasingly choose to abstain from traffic and eat in the comfort of their homes, food-tech startups that cater to delivering this experience for them have been mushrooming over the years.

Cloud Kitchen – The concept is still relatively new, and is loosely used to address a number of models in the food-tech space. That said, it can be broadly identified as mini-kitchens that cater only to online food delivery and do not offer dine-in or take-out. Petukk, headed by Soumya Kanti Mitra and his mother with creative help from his uncle,  a relatively new rying to make its impression in the Kolkata food scene has chosen the Cloud Way.

Entering the Mitra household means being greeted by enticing smells of delicious food, the supply of which hardly ever stops, and the friendly banter between mother and son — two foodies and experimentation enthusiasts.

Originally from Lucknow, Kumkum Mitra is trained in the original art of Mughlai cooking. Years of life in Kolkata have added a different spice to her fares. Born to the flavours of Lucknavi grandeur and Bengali delicacy, Soumakanti was predestined to love food like only a Bengali can. He is truly a Petukk.

Under the watchful eye of his mother, Soumakanti now ventures to bring that kitchen of his childhood to you.

The mother-son duo brings you what they do best — food that would have you coming back for more again and again. Petukk brings you Mughlai food, with a twist — accompanied by traditional Bengali side dishes. This purely Indian fusion is sure to leave you wanting more.

And if you want to vary your meal from the rich flavours of the exquisite Mughlai cuisine, give your palette a treat with the spicy twist of Chinese food like you’ve never tasted before. We serve you food that you’ve seen everywhere, with nibbles that will send your taste buds into a tizzy.

Having been brought up on Bengali food, it was a real pleasure to try is charming outlet with foodie friends. I am sure that the joint and its  young owner will go from success to greater success.

The Dishes we Had –

Basanti PulaoDSC_0238


Chicken Makhanwala

Murg Methi MalaiDSC_0221


Lachha Paratha 


Chicken ChangeziDSC_0211


Kochi Pattha KassaDSC_0241


The food here was amazing – big portions, really tasty and reasonable prices. This brilliant Hidden Gem never ceases to dazzle with its spectacular fare prepared and delivered  that treats everyone in your family!

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