Burger in Law to rule for Sure

Hella good! Burger in Law will surely rule Kolkata for long time with their deliciousness.  It is a newly opened Delivery only Joint is located at Sec V. We ordered yesterday around 6:30 and it did not disappoint. Being a Sunday, there was a rush but we did not had to wait more than 30 minutes to get the delivery done in a cute solid gift box like packaging with complementary soft drinks (thumbs up and coca cola). DSC_0198DSC_0201DSC_0202DSC_0233

Burger in Law serves up the best gourmet burgers in Kolkata, with a tantalizing range of patties: Chica Licka, Vasco Da Gama and Scuba Dive to mention just a few!

I’m in love with this place! The burgers are juicy & everything on the menu is to die for. All that being said, the quality of the food is just as good as it was. Juicy, large (1/4 Pound) burgers with heapings of mouthwatering toppings that will just barely fit into your mouth. As I bit into the burger, I could immediately taste the seasoned, savory, juicy burger going down my esophagus. I felt the heat from the grilled gherkins and melted cheese spread swirling on my tongue. The egg yolk was gushing down the burger which gave it a nice syrupy coating. The cheese also gave it that sharp taste and creamy texture. There was so many flavors and texture happening all at once. The sesame buns was a great choice of bread. A solid burger if you were to ask me! Potato fries were good as well but I could care less about it.

I could still feel the heat), the food was great!   We had Unbeetable, Magic Shroom, Chica Licka, Scuba Dive (Fish Burger) and Vasco Da Gama.

Unbeetable – Beetroot and Carrot Burger served with Indian coleslaw, topped with cheddar cheese blend, gherkins and tomato. Carrot and beet naturally retain a lot of water, so these veggieburgers are incredibly juicy and flavorful, thanks to gherkins and a blend of warm spices.DSC_0234DSC_0237DSC_0239

The Magic Shroom – Mushroom in mash with cheese, topped with gherkins, tomato and cheddar blend cheese . The mushrooms literally melted on my tongue, and it was easy to tell it was very high quality.  The flavors were excellent, and while there was more waiting for me to eat, I just couldn’t.DSC_0226DSC_0230DSC_0231

Chica Licka – Grilled Chicken, Fried Egg, Chicken Bacon strips, Chicken Sausage and Chicken Salami topped with imported cheese blend, gherkins and tomato. The meat was cooked to perfection, and the fried egg on top just makes everything ten times better.DSC_0214DSC_0217DSC_0219DSC_0222

Scuba Dive (Fish Burger) – Crumbed fried Kolkata Vetki served in Fish n Chips style with tartar sauce.  While these items individually sound delicious, and their combination seemed overwhelming. Bengali Babu is Happy with Fish !DSC_0189DSC_0191DSC_0194DSC_0197

Vasco Da Gama – Grilled bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Sausage in bbq sauce, finished with Goan chorizo, topped with pickles, tomato and chedar cheese blend. The wait was worth it because the burger and fries was delicious! Probably the best burger I have ever had. These pork patties are loaded with herbs and smoked bacon then grilled into burgers & topped with secret burger spread. You will devour them whole-heartedly. Bacon is featured in everything now, sometimes in surprising combinations. But bacon and burgers? That’s a natural! If you love a big, juicy burger and the smoky flavor of bacon, this Vasco Da Gama is going to jump to the top of your favorites list. DSC_0206



Definitely start with your stomachs empty because the food is awesome and the portions are huge!  I thought I’d have room for something else for dinner but, clearly, my eyes were much bigger than my stomach. Two Thumbs up!! Holly Molly! I don’t eat too many Burgers but… I will take Burger in Law home with me forever!!!


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