Karismatic Karma Kettle

I’ve been wanting to check out a tea room for awhile and I’m so glad that yesterday I was able to check out Karma Kettle!

Incredibly impressed with the quality and commitment to authentic tea that this maintains along with ample flavours on offering. Located at 4 Swinhoe Street (near Tasty Corner), this place reflects a welcoming and friendly vibe to all. Wonderful atmosphere and wooden decor. They are so natural and feel so back-to-earth.The transparent-roof model offers unique and so cottage-looks-like with lots of natural light. DSC_0337DSC_0202DSC_0204


As a first time attendee of a real tea room, I found the vibe a delightful mix of a local coffee shop and a specialty wholesale experience. In addition to their cafe, they have a dedicated room for display of various tea which comes in different size and shape of packaging with some fascinating designer tea set and crockeries which make some one to fall in love with and pack some tea to brew at home. DSC_0321DSC_0328DSC_0329DSC_0330

It’s a little cozy so no big purses hanging on the back of your chair or people will be knocking into you for your whole visit. There are a million teas here so, depending on your taste, you’re likely taken care of. And there are a ton of tea-related knick knacks ready for you to choose your flavour or purchase during your visit. So make sure to bring a little extra bucks (or not) for cute tea-related paraphernalia for your own home.DSC_0241DSC_0238DSC_0237DSC_0226DSC_0223DSC_0219DSC_0218DSC_0217DSC_0216DSC_0214DSC_0213DSC_0211

Started its journey from Cochrane Place in Kurseong and giving the Kolkata Tea lovers a delightful tea room experience called Karma Kettle to have some Chai Pe Charcha. Around 20-25 seaters tea room is the formation of Dhiraj and Priti Sen Arora who definitely as per my assumption must have spend lots of quality time in their early days over cups of tea in various corner of the world.


The list of food & tea items for the day are as follows:

Gora Saheb High tea Platter (Rs. 450 ++)DSC_0340
Platter contains –
Finger Sandwiches – Ham & cheese 4pcsDSC_0347DSC_0342
Chicken quicheDSC_0350
Coconut Macaroons 2 pcsDSC_0352
Lemon Meringue Tart, Apple Pie, Chocolate Brownie (Any two)DSC_0348DSC_0351DSC_0349
Pot of Premium Tea – Birdsong-  A tea which brings beauty to the teacup. Premium silver tips white tea to select lavender flowers & cockscombe flowers creating a sweet melody that sings of color & subtle flavors.DSC_0404DSC_0406DSC_0409DSC_0410
Burra Saheb High tea Platter (Rs. 450++)DSC_0378DSC_0379DSC_0381
Platter contains –
Basket of Veg Pakodas- 8pcsDSC_0372
Savory treats – 4pcs
(Chose any 2 from Vada Pav, Khandvi, Dahi tikki, Onion Samosa)
Freshly made Sandesh- 4pcs DSC_0384
Any two Indian Sweets DSC_0387
Pot of Premium Tea – Nolen Gur & Khejur Cha– Nostalgia in a teacup. Our signature blend pays tribute to Kolkata with a delicious combination of black tea with palm jaggery & dates. (Newly Launched)  DSC_0370DSC_0380

Teas that were tasted separately  –

Iced teas –

Aam Salaam-   A refreshing take on the traditional Indian drink-Aam Panna. Aam Salaam makes a tantalizing blend which is loaded with the flavors of green & ripe mango  DSC_0356DSC_0357DSC_0358
Savanna- The bright red colored brew uplifts your mood and senses with the super rich taste from spiced apple and the goodness from the rooibos is all you need to detox, get this caffeine free blend right now to charge yourself. (Newly Launched)DSC_0359DSC_0360DSC_0361 
Blue Lagoon-  Enjoy the cool and soothing experience of Blue lagoon in our summer special brew with the goodness of green tea, butterfly pea flower & Bengal lime. (Newly Launched)DSC_0366DSC_0365

Hot tea –

Paan Chai –  Innovative Paan Chai is refreshing and original- the pairing of betel leaves with CTC & spices are a marriage made in Chai heaven!DSC_0412DSC_0413DSC_0415

The teas are available in store, online website (www.karmakettle.com) and on Amazon.

We were all stuffed and happy after consuming various types of tea and High Tea platters. Such a fun time. I’ll have to see if I can make a trip back to this place very soon ! The food was delicious and the ambiance was wonderful for a nice afternoon to converse with company.

Thanks Somashri Ghosh for the invitation !DSC_0398DSC_0400

Thanks Neha Madhorgoria for such wonderful hospitality and the click !DSC_0423

Thanks Priti Sen Arora for making some time for the visit and the interactive session !DSC_0437DSC_0438


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