Naba Barsha Celebration On The Way

Bengalees are known for their food loving nature, they don’t hesitate to try different types of food starting from South Indian Dosa to Mumbai’s Vada Pav. Food’s from every corner of the world get warm welcome here.

But there is a day in the year when we all will search for the Bengali Cuisine, It’s Bengali New Year Day !

To enjoy the charm of Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year Day) here this newly opened Stayotel is giving away Bengali Food Buffet in a very pocket friendly pricing !  

Located at 5 minutes walking distance from the airport, Stayotel offers 33 Luxurious rooms, distributed in three floors with 11 rooms in each floor.

“On the way” is their fine dine multi cuisine restaurant with 36 covers.

Delicious real Bengali foods, variety of menus on this Poila Boisakh, from #Stayotel. Come and celebrate Bengali New Year with Buffet Lunch and Dinner, exclusive bengali cuisine on #Bengali #New #Year, delicious delights prepared by their expert chefs.

Rosewood is their second biggest banquet hall to accommodate free flow of 100 to 125 people at any point of time. Inbuilt with speakers and music system, making it perfect for corporate parties as well as social gatherings. They have arranged the Special Buffet here at Rosewood to accommodate crowd.DSC_0018


Surprisingly large inside, considering it looks small from outside.

No serving of food to your table….at all. Everything is self-serve. You walk in, pick a table, grab a plate and have your food as long as you want !

Everything on the buffet is incredible except few. The spices are amazing and I wanted to keep eating long after my brain and stomach said, “no more”.

There are a lot of people complaining about service.  Here’s what you have to understand.  This is a buffet!  And you’re not coming for the service, you’re coming for the food

The Menu for Buffet –

Jaljeera – DSC_0058

Aam Panna – DSC_0056

Vegetable Chop –DSC_0072


Jhurjhure Aloo BhajaDSC_0080

Jhal Rosogolla DSC_0076


Chholar DalDSC_0085

Ghee BhatDSC_0087DSC_0089


Aloo PostoDSC_0093

Phulkopi RashaDSC_0096

Basanti PulaoDSC_0102

Macher Matga Diye DalDSC_0106

Doi KatlaDSC_0109

Kacha Lonka Diye MurgiDSC_0116

Kochi Pather JholDSC_0124

Chatni & Papad DSC_0130DSC_0136

Baked RosogollaDSC_0139

Khirer MalpoaDSC_0142


Over all verdict: I see a lot of potential in this new place. Lots of area for improvement. I do hope to see them add one or two more dishes to the buffet station.

On The Way Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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