Let’s Dive into Ocean of Food

The Aquarium restaurant will no doubt have already caught your eye upon entry, and you will make a mental note that you will, in fact, be eating there.
What a cool restaurant! I’ve gotta be honest, I would not let that stop you from checking this place out.
This has got to be one of the trippier restaurants I’ve ever gone to; a fish restaurant with a giant aquarium inside it. But it works, and works nicely.
Interior lighting and installations giving off a beautiful blue glow along with Aquatic feel no matter where you sit.
Cocktail –
Fish Bowl – DSC_0103
Beggars beer – 
Classic martini – DSC_0081
Virgin blue lemon or orange sandy – DSC_0089
Fish Bucket – Crispy fried fish served with pea puree, salads and tartare sauce. This incredible crispy fried fish is just for you !  Succulent fish inside and a super-crispy outer coating, ! This is so addictive that you can’t eat just one ! An awesome appetizer !
Sultani Kabab – Well marinated, Juicy and Flavorful skewers of char broiled chicken and ground lamb. . Cooked slowly over crackling coal, are consistently tender and juicy. This will certainly draw a satisfied smile on your face.
Potato, 3 cheese, jalapeno – I love potatoes! They are yummy no matter how they are prepared. Tangy, Cheesy and Spicy, a vegetarian delight. Deliciously spicy and addictive.
Fiery Chilli lamb – If you love spicy, aromatic dishes, this one-pot will become an instant favourite . Tender lamb pieces tossed in spicy chilli sauce with bell peppers and onions. It’s succulent and give your taste buds plenty of flavour.
Harisa Grilled Chicken – Soft boneless Chicken Cubes marinated in fiery Moroccan spice\ paste served with tzatziki & chili zam. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy grilled chicken.  This chicken has perfectly crispy skin with a kick of heat. A perfect low calorie dinner.
Mutton Biryani – A family favorite, this delicious Mutton Biryani would be perfect for a family gathering or just to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.
Pork Spare Ribs – Tender spare ribs roasted & braised with bbq sauce served with chips, sauerkraut & garden salad. Slow cooked, juicy pork with a gorgeous blend of spices that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.  This is sure to please every palate at your dinner table.DSC_0176
Chicken Changezi –  Roast chicken cooked in a rich tomato – onion gravy, a mughlai delicacy. The recipe for this chicken is believed to have originated during the times of the fearsome 13th century Mongolian warrior, Genghis Khan. Luscious reddish\ gravy, succulent chicken and creamy-ness all are so inviting.
Nasi Goreng  – Indonesian fried rice consisting of chicken, prawns, mixed veggies topped with a sunny side up egg. Sweet, spicy and savory flavors you’ll fall in love with. Tasty mouthfuls of fried rice.
Chocolate Profiteroles – Choux pastey balls filled with creme patisserie dipped in Chocolate ganache & spinkled with nuts. They pack a mouthful of pleasure in their small packages. These are the quintessential indulgent treat.
Creame brulee – Few desserts are more delicious to eat and to look at than this perfect creme brulee. Baked silky smooth custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top !  You will be amazed to know that this silky smooth, rich and soft with a crunchy caramel topping is really the winner.
Generally theme restaurants are fun but the food is mediocre at best. We loved everything we ate! It was delightful! We loved watching the aquarium and the service was fast and on point.
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  1. Jheelam says:

    Your amazing photography skill never disappoints. The foods look delish.


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