Chanting for Chez !

This place doesn’t look like much from the outside just a long narrow building with Asian decor but man the food rocks.DSC_0362

What a great little place to have a meal!  Very good food just opposite to Ekta Heights.  If you are looking for cheap(er) and hearty eats — you’ve come to the right place at Chez!DSC_0316DSC_0319DSC_0321DSC_0322DSC_0324DSC_0325DSC_0327DSC_0330DSC_0334DSC_0335DSC_0357DSC_0359

You walk into a humble restaurant…  almost open kitchen on right, friendly hostess in left.  We were seated promptly for lunch.  Water was brought quickly and a waitress came to take the order within a few mins.  In the sleepy afternoon, this is prompt, quick and friendly service and we were pleasantly delighted.

The waitress made recommendations to us on their ‘best dishes’ and they did not disappoint.

Chez – the Pan Asian cuisine based on an embrace of several styles of cooking ranging from Vietnamese to Malaysian to Thai, the menu having undergone many changes and it was time to dive into newly added dishes from menu with a heartfelt chanting in the name of Chez. Using good ingredients and working as a very small team is probably the x factor of this hidden Zem !

We Had –  

Tom Yum Soup – A clear soup with lemongrass, galangal, fresh Thai chillies & lime juice. This is a Chicken version of the classic Thai Tom Yum soup. A very natural clear soup for a rainy day. It was very flavorful and one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Incredibly satisfying Tom Yum Soup. DSC_0378DSC_0380
Bhutanese Chicken Dumplings (Steamed) – Traditional Himalayan dumplings
of desire. The distinguishing feature of this steamed dumpling is its layered appearance and the finest outer coating ! You can almost see the filling from outside. They give you lots of dumplings so this was a filling dish. Everyone knows here you get one of the best dumplings in town and everyone is right. The meat filling is juicy and tender. The cheese filling is tasty and soft. You can not change a winning horse. Must go for it.

Honey Glazed Pork Ribs – Classic Thai sauce. I always love this. Pork Ribs where the meat and all is pushed up from the bottom of the bone to over the top part of the bone. Makes for an interesting way to eat Pork Ribs, all the meat is centered at the top and the taste is concentrated there too.  Nice slight asian flavor, tangy and with a bit of spice. They have no Rare cuts but I personally eat my meat Med Rare so it’s perfect for me. The cut of rib is always large and juicy. You grab a piece of the thin pork and dip into the delicious garlic soy sauce to side.  Fantastic. DSC_0414DSC_0437DSC_0447
Mr.Kim’s Special – Shredded crispy lamb, Oyster Sauce & Sesame. What attracted me to this dish was that it was shredded lamb pan fried with herbs and spices!  I really enjoyed this and enjoy lamb, so this was a win. Nice taste, texture and we ordered this spicy and it was totally not too bad! This dish case our first and is visually impressive.  DSC_0432DSC_0433
Ebi Tempura – Batter deep fried prawns served with garlic mayo. Who doesn’t love tempura? Prawn is coated in a light batter, then deep-fried crisp and fluffy. Tempura was appropriately done and contained a generous portion on platter with fresh prawns. DSC_0451DSC_0455DSC_0456DSC_0474
Mandarin Fish – Filet of Fish with spicy Mandarin sauce. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender inside. In Chinese cooking, there are five primary flavours: salty, spicy, sour, sweet and bitter. In this striking dish, with its touches of vinegar and honey the combination that has done the world of good to the dish as per taste is concern. DSC_0464DSC_0465DSC_0467DSC_0470
Mixed Khao Pad Rice – Thai delicacy with fresh burst of basil, lemongrass and galangle. This super-simple fried rice will take your taste buds on a whirlwind journey to Thailand. Thailand is rich with foods and agriculture products all year round. There is an abundance of natural ingredients and spices used to create delicious Even a simple dish like this Khao Pad Rice  can provide nutritious value with a satisfying taste.DSC_0458DSC_0484
Tausi Chicken – Tausi means fermented black beans . Braised Chicken with Blackbean sauce and asian herbs. Tausi has that salty tangy smell and taste that it gives to meats and vegetables alike. The saltiness of the tausi is enhanced by the spiciness of the garlic and balanced by the green bell peppers. It was so fresh and delicious; the ingredients were cooked wonderfully. DSC_0495DSC_0497
Ho Fan Noodles –  Nicely made piping hot bowl of noodles with chicken and onions. Despite the visual appeal, the noodles were too soft and the soup broth lacked any punch other than mild heat.  

The service here is exceptional and we really enjoyed the intimate space as well. Overall, the courses were well thought out and the portions were very generous. We were completely stuffed by the time we were done with our meal.

Chez is definitely a special occasion place and the experience is definitely one of a kind and worth every penny.  A great blend of authentic Asian cuisine that will truly accentuate your dining experience!

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