Mohe Rang De Basanti

If you’re looking for a good Indian dine-in while traveling to South Kolkata, then RANG DE BASANTI DHABA is a great option. It’s just a slight diversion to get to the business address, from Ballygunge Circular Road and it’s worth all your time stopping over briefly, adding little more fun to your travel space and calming down your hungry belly.

Visited this roadside restaurant, featuring Punjabi cuisine in the afternoon (around 2 pm) few days ago and if you ask me what I really enjoyed about this place?

– Super-Delicious & homestyle food
– Humble service
– Ethnic setting & perfect ambience to unwind (like Punjabi Dhaba’s in Indian Highways) – Add on Replica of Truck in entrance area
– Pricing, which is surely not a thunderbolt

The RANG DE BASANTI DHABA  is a large size restaurant with several rows of dining tables from the front to the back. Few rows are usually used for the large groups. Regarding the interior, I really enjoyed the several different shapes of very uniquely-shaped light bulbs here. These really set the nice mood and ambience to this establishment. The interior design (for the walls) is simple, modern, and low-budgeted here.

People managing the place were prompt in taking orders, intimated us (party of three) well about the overall cooking time that each item takes to be served. Appreciate their efficient service!

The items arrived in the order of our preferences and according to the time intimated earlier-YAY!

Dahi ke kebab – Perfect vegetarian snack or appetizer. Made of hung curd and pan fried in minimal oil. Delectable & delicate Dahi Ke Kabab or yogurt patties. These taste amazing with some nutty green chutney. DSC_0462DSC_0466DSC_0530

Afghani Murgh – A popular Indian appetizer made of chicken marinated in a rich creamy marinade made with cashew nut paste, cream, lemon juice, cheese and ginger-garlic paste, and then baked to perfection. The dish has a smoky and rich taste.DSC_0469DSC_0472DSC_0474

Chicken Hariyali Tikka – A scrumptious, Indian appetizer! Boneless chicken chunks are marinated in a flavorful green paste and grilled to perfection. The citrus flavor definitely adds a zing to this dish that you will enjoy for sure.DSC_0475DSC_0477

Achari Mushroom Tikka – Mushrooms are a hot favorite for me always. Achari Mushroom Tikka is one of the popular vegetarian appetizer in the Punjabi Cuisine. Mouthwatering appetizer that cashes in on the great Indian obsession with pickles. They are fiery red with bold tones of tart and hot that tease your tastebuds and whet your appetite.DSC_0495DSC_0496DSC_0498

Jhal wali Dal – Jhaal means spices.Cooked lentils which are lastly tempered with oil or ghee fried spices & herbs. It looked drooling ! I did not taste it though !DSC_0482DSC_0484

Methi Matar mushroom – Mushroom & Peas served in rich creamy  gravy a perfect dish to have with roti and rice.It goes well with poori, naan and kulcha’s too. The spongy mushrooms soak up all the goodness and flavor of the spices.  Its delicious, mild flavored, rich looking curry. DSC_0481


Chicken Chawal – This was faultless to my taste buds, being a huge fan of homestyle food. Had lots of Onion, tomatoes etc and the ground masala was appreciably mild and that’s how I prefer. The soft chicken pieces was perfect foil to the dish. All in all a best choice for me! Mild Indian Spiced Curry Chicken cooked in one pot with flavorful Basmati Rice. DSC_0507DSC_0512

Rarra Gosht – Rarra Gosht is a very unique mutton recipe as it combines the mutton pieces along with the mutton keema or Gosht mince in it.  It is every bit regal in taste. That is a gorgeous meal! What flavors. So comforting and enjoyable. That goes perfectly well with those Hari Mirchi Ki Roti. Yummy!DSC_0522

Hari Mirch ki Roti –  Treat for your palate, unmatched flavour of green chillies inform of Chapati. DSC_0487

Garlic Naan – The most ordered Indian bread in North Indian restaurants. Soft, stretchy, and garlicky that you will love tearing and can’t stop eating these naans.dsc_0492.jpg

Shahi Tukda – It is a bread based dessert made with bead,thickened milk,saffron and nuts. A apopular sweet,  a royal treat to taste buds at anytime.DSC_0545

Gulab Jamun with ice cream – A popular Indian dessert combination.DSC_0543

I would say this is one of my top places for North Indian dishes.

The environment here is clean, beautiful, and well worth the price.

All in all a solid experience, and I’ll be back!

© All Rights Reserved By The Foodinista Tanmay Basak **Images may not be copied, printed or distributed without express written permission of The Foodinista Tanmay Basak


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