Mixing up with Ami

Mixologist show – is one of the most spectacular types of show with the bright tricks, bottles juggling, dancing, mixing and moving. How professional a bartender can be? But the real art is not just about what to mix, but also about how to! I beg you won’t succeed to follow all the moves! This is a kind of show that always attracts a lot of attention, catches eyes and amazes the guests! MAI_0949

I have been invited for to experience an amazing interactive session with AMI BERHAM SHROFF, the famous bartender and Mixologist from Mumbai at ALTAIR, Kolkata !MAI_0496MAI_0562

The Rendezvous, You gotta love the outstanding combination of the colour combination of the wall  with minimal yet classy interior. Sometimes one needs to dive into the bar atmosphere with a serious bite, rather than head to a restaurant, and the Accomplice manages to achieve this exact perfect mix. The spot is minimalistic, with the mandatory bar churning out delicious craft drinks. Seating is limited which does not detract from the experience, somehow. MAI_0504


High Energy, AMI BERHAM SHROFF, looked forward to speaking her mind, voicing her opinion openly, and hearing what others think. She uses her intuition and numbers to get to the core of YOU!MAI_0569

She’s honest, she’s gutsie, she doesn’t hold back!MAI_0709

We had an opportunity to taste the Special Cocktails crafted by freeflowing Ami B Shroff ! along with some delicious appetizer from the kitchen of Capella – Altair !

Aam – Azing : Gin or vodka with mangoes & coconut milk. Served with a roshgulla.MAI_0581MAI_0878

Whisky Gondhoraj Sour : Whisky, jaggery, lime shaken with egg white or pineapple juiceMAI_0619MAI_0620

Phuchka Spritzer :  Vodka, pineapple, puchka water & spriteMAI_0739

Gondhoraj Mojito: Rum, mint, lime, gondhoraj lemon & jaggeryMAI_0720

Beside this Special Cocktails we had been served few finger liking drooling dishes like Sushi, Sui Mai, Dhokla and few more ! Beautiful presentation with quality food ! What else anyone can ask for ?MAI_0491MAI_0518MAI_0718MAI_0756

Thanks  MSL Group for the invitation !


Thanks @Mainak Saha for the Photography !

© All Rights Reserved By The Foodinista Tanmay Basak **Images may not be copied, printed or distributed without express written permission of The Foodinista Tanmay Basak


Capella - Altair Boutique Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. shoniessky says:

    seems like you have a very fulfilling life. just wonderful!!


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