Oriental Bliss

Looking for genuine oriental food in the area? Want something that’s absolutely delicious and a great price?

Have not been back since the summer of 2017, but not by choice. This location is about a hall an hour drive from our home, but needless to say, we make the drive just for the service and food!

When entering this restaurant your eye automatically gets drawn to the amazing wood craftsmanship this place has to offer! Beautiful dinning pieces made out of wooden works of art.DSC_0705DSC_0708DSC_0709DSC_0715DSC_0717

A person goes to a specific restaurant either because the food is very good or because the atmosphere is pleasant. Let’s forget for a moment about the chefs and their delicious creations and focus on the design of the restaurant. How exactly should a restaurant look like in order to attract customers? They have a nice, large dining area and although they are usually very busy.

It’s open and it’s very inviting. A warm and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining the simplicity of the décor. The décor of the eatery, which is deliberately crafted to make a diner feel like they have entered another age. Traditional spears, bells, huge red Curtains  and other casually-placed paraphernalia adorn the dark gray coloured walls. You will be blown away by the high ceilings, opulent chandeliers. Small details are also given utmost attention to enhance the experience, including the elegant background music

The food is still authentic and never disappointing!  They have an extensive buffet lunch menu with many lunch specials that are offered everyday, in addition, they feature  specials which is where we found few fascinating dishe we ordered. Meal was absolutely delicious and service was exceptionally good as well!!  I can’t wait to return back. Every dish on the buffet line is awesome! The price is cheap for all you can eat! They even have a dessert addition to the buffet line with an assortment of drinks. I would say this is one of the best oriental Buffet in this range !

Super delicious and filling Oriental food for a very affordable price.

What more can I say? I love this place. You have to try it !

A restaurant checks all of the boxes. Great service, great atmosphere, great food. It’s also priced well for what you get.

Buffet Menu :


Malaysian Katong Laksa with accompaniments veg and non veg.DSC_0755


Grilled vegetable salad – DSC_0692DSC_0695
Assorted fruits salad – DSC_0697
Thai lab Gai (minced chicken salad) – DSC_0693



Crispy fried vegetable wanton with Sichuan chilli dressing – 
Crispy fried vegetable tossed with Thai chilli paste – 
Chilli fish dry (basa) – 
Chicken steamed momo –


Mapo Doufu DSC_0730
Vegetable dumpling in Manchurian Sauce DSC_0842
Gaeng Kore Warn JeDSC_0735
Stir fried lamb with morning glory in chilli oyster sauceDSC_0736
Grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce DSC_0814
Stir fried fish with coriander sauce 


Chilli garlic Hakka noodlesDSC_0846
Ginger pepper fried rice DSC_0825


Vanilla Ice Cream 
Chocolate ice cream 
Darsan DSC_0707
Assorted dessert DSC_0706
Opera Pastry
Mango Mousse

Ala carte –

Fried pomfret chilli and lemon grass – DSC_0837

Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce (Thai) – DSC_0828

Balachung kyaw (Burma) – Crispy shrimp, crush chilli, shallot garlic fish sauceDSC_0769

Asparagus corn water chestnut chives (china) – DSC_0775

Edamame and tofu har gao (hong kong) – DSC_0813

Chicken sui mai (china) – DSC_0767

Spicy Sichuan siu long bao (china) – DSC_0819

American crisp noodles chicken – DSC_0807

Nasi goring, rice, shrimp, fried egg, chicken satay, peanut sauce – DSC_0778


Coconut milk and palm sugar custard coconut ice cream (thai) DSC_0851

However, the lights-out environment admittedly lends some romance to a lunch date. Just be sure to sit close with Guest and keep any conversation to a whisper – some diners have noticed that in the darkness, it’s easy to develop a heightened attention to noise.

This is the place to bring your family, picky relatives, and second dates!

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