Mothers Day Celebration with Mio Amore

Like me love my mother
God know if you diss my mother is like seh you diss me
Don’t dweet, happy mothers day

Every day is a mothers day
Happy mothers day
Mommy me love you…

Looking for a Mother’s Day Cake? I believe that most moms deserve a whole month, maybe even a whole year of celebration for what they do for us.

Mothers are hardly ever wrong.

Celebrate the most important women in your life with a delicious treat !

Love U Maa !

Mio Amore developed Mother Day’s Themed Cake and a Pastry. Also a Bar Cake, which they have recently launched.

Mother’s Day Cake: 

Flavour: Chocolate Fresh Cream 

Is it even possible for a chocolate cake to be too moist? Isn’t a moist, fluffy cake what all of us strive for?! Here I am, handing it over to my mom with a smug grin, watching her take that first bite, feeling like I’ve reached the peak of perfection. The flavor that is completely addicting. The fluffy whipped cream frosting is the perfect complement to the richness of the cake topped with beautiful printed edible sheet which reflecting the pure love between Mom and her child !


Mother’s Day Pastry topped with White Milk Solids: 
Flavour: Chocolate Fresh Cream.

Same cake as the earlier in smaller form of pastry ! With Milk Solid on top in shape of Mom with her child.DSC_0556DSC_0557

Bar Cake (Carrot Flavour) :  You like carrot or not you will like this carrot cake.It’s soft and moist, Vanilla, cinnamon flavour goes very well with it. The texture was exquisite. It’s perfection. I think I just talked myself into bringing another one.


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  1. What is the price of this big cake?


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