A slice of Awadhi heaven

An amazing addition to Park Circus Indian food scene. Recently there was a dearth of good North Indian style food in the area. The restaurant really aims for “fine dining” and does a decent job at it via beautiful decor, presentation of dishes, etc . Service was formal and professional.

This little restaurant packs in a huge punch, and here is how.

First navigate the street from Park Circus Seven Point crossing, take a few steps towards Bangladesh High Commission office. You will find it on the right  hand side of the main road.DSC_0451DSC_0452DSC_0453DSC_0454DSC_0455DSC_0456DSC_0457DSC_0458DSC_0459DSC_0460DSC_0461DSC_0462DSC_0463DSC_0464DSC_0465DSC_0466DSC_0467DSC_0468DSC_0469DSC_0474DSC_0476DSC_0477DSC_0479DSC_0482DSC_0485DSC_0489DSC_0491

From the moment you walk in, you are in a lovely environment, welcomed by staff, and your senses are delighted by the atmosphere. The location is easy to find, the restaurant is clean, inviting, and they have done a great job with the decor and ambiance.

This relatively new restaurant serves up old classics from a heady combination of Mughlai and Awadhi cuisines. They serve Chinese too though name of the restaurant is not reflecting that !

The Dishes We Had –

Pitsa Badam Blossom –   Soaked almonds, pistachios and cashews blended with milk, cardamom powder, condensed milk, rose water. Garnished with the chopped almonds and pistachios on the top. very Nutritious drink, loaded with goodness of dry fruits. A delicious Thandai. A beginning with bang !


Chicken Tunday Kabab – Tundey kebab is a famous Awadhi dish extremely popular street food in Lucknow. Here twist is to use chicken to make these succulent galouti kebabs. Light textured kebabs turned out delicious! Here they use less that 160 species for sure (As they use in Authentic Tunday Kabab) but it is absolutely mouth watering. DSC_0507

Mutton Galouti Kabab – 

Mutton Barra Kabab – Mutton marinated, skewered, roasted and charred in the tandoor, on the bone. The super soft and flavorful mutton Barra is the highlight of Mughal celebrations and fanfare. Juicy & Succulent Kebabs gently roasted with earthy flavours produce the nawabi style. DSC_0505


Chicken Kolhapuri – Chicken Kolhapuri brings out a great flavor & aroma from the spices & coconut. It is a spicy, real hot, exotic dish from the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. A tasty and spicy chicken curry dish. Red Hot and fiery topped with shredded ginger, chopped onions and fresh cream. Do u need more reason to salivate ?

Mutton Rawalpindi – The meat unlike the rest of places iv visited was so soft n succulent that it literally melted in my mouth. Presence of Curry leaves and Dry Chilli made it really flavorful ! A Good and Proper Curry redolent with Spice and Flavour, Tender Mutton in a rich silky sauce, best mopped up with a Roomali Roti. I loved this freaking curry and this is by far, one of the best ones. It was well seasoned to ensure outstanding taste and flavours, and with the usage of the red chillies, giving it an extra kick to the overall flavours.

Kolkata Chicken Biryani – It was so wonderfully aromatic and with rich taste and flavours, no surprise as it was properly cooked to ensure maximum taste and flavours.  The meat fell off the bone.  Fred Onions in topping were perfect to add more richness in the flavour.  All I wanted to do is fill my tummy with this Kolkata style Chicken Biryani !! DSC_0515

Awadhi Biryani – Not such Amazing biryani I’ve ever had. From aroma ,to the tender meat ,to the exactly right degree of cooked rice ,to the flavour of biryani, I found that it was not perfect . Everything made men crave for more and more biryani.


Shahi Tukda – It is an Indian bread pudding made with saffron syrup, cardamom and almonds. Though the presentation and looks seem to be very bright and inviting but the preparation was on dryer side.


Firni – Firni is a milky, sweet, aromatic Pakistani pudding which is served chilled during the long scorching summers in all over country. Served mainly after Biryani, this milk pudding is famous for its rich creamy texture. We made it our go to dish at any time of the year !


After dining here, we were impressed with the quality of the food we had as the usage of the herbs and spices was executed superbly to ensure rather fresh and natural tasting Indian food. The service was very good with wonderful waiting staff. The drinks were also of the highest quality as well. Overall this was the finest Indian dining of the top class, and we left extremely happy with our dining experience at such a classy restaurant.

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